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[OPINION] abiku called Butiku

butikuIs someone dead

That before now has died?


A nation on auto-cruise

Irrespective of shape, size

And colour of butt that occupies the driver seat

This ship is always on auto-cruise. Continue reading [OPINION] abiku called Butiku


When two personalities, who have been throwing the juggernauts at each other with everything they got, decide to combine their forces, it may lead to not only the annihilation of the opposition but also of themselves.  Especially when such personalities bear names that portends no good. Find below the letter written by A-RE-MU (Slicer of nose) to A-TI-KU (We are dead):

Like ever before, I am constrained to write this letter to you because at my age, I am struggling against senility. However, the situation in which my country has been Continue reading A-TI-KU ati A-RE-MU