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changeBefore we proceed on this journey, ‘let us get now into another underground spiritual game’ by allowing the song of that supernal being, Olufela Anikulapo-Kuti, to play on our minds’ stereos, where he said “nothing new sef to talk about… na old news be dat”. This is very important so that we can get the full grasp of what will follow from here.

I always tell people that nothing this crop of politicians do will catch me unawares. The only surprise they will spring is when they act differently from how they are acting presently. In my inaugural submission in this column, #PAUSIBILITY: LET’S GET OUR ACTS RIGHT, I put it straight that these politicians are simply employing different tactics, even the death of the populace, as pawns in their political chess games, just as Pastor Tunde Bakare described in one of his sermons. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: OLD NEWS, IN FELA’S VOICE by Adebayo Coker