changeBefore we proceed on this journey, ‘let us get now into another underground spiritual game’ by allowing the song of that supernal being, Olufela Anikulapo-Kuti, to play on our minds’ stereos, where he said “nothing new sef to talk about… na old news be dat”. This is very important so that we can get the full grasp of what will follow from here.

I always tell people that nothing this crop of politicians do will catch me unawares. The only surprise they will spring is when they act differently from how they are acting presently. In my inaugural submission in this column, #PAUSIBILITY: LET’S GET OUR ACTS RIGHT, I put it straight that these politicians are simply employing different tactics, even the death of the populace, as pawns in their political chess games, just as Pastor Tunde Bakare described in one of his sermons.

That a particular party “selected“ a 50+ year old man as their youth leader is nothing new, in fact, na old news be dat. Remember they are in stiff competition with the ruling party which has a 40+ year old man as its own youth leader. I give it to them as they beat their arch-rival to it by getting an experienced “young “man that will act as loot leader. We are already seeing the change they are loaded with. Kudos!changee

The best hands this government parades are of questionable character; make I name them? Baron Kash , Con Fay, Lady Damn, Salacious Doy, Dotted Make, Empress NO, Madam Fake Goddey, Alam De Masquerader, Troublesome Doc, Staleman Clarks, De Grace Jafur, … (fill in the space).

Hence, in their usual flippancy, we will hear news like;

The Presidency has uncovered the involvement of the opposition in the bad outing of the Super Eagles at the ongoing FIFA World Cup, in order to undermine the Transformation Agenda of Mr. President in sports development. Therefore all opposition members have been barred from going close to any pitch the Super Eagles is billed to play on.

A government that shirks all of its responsibilities and duties; sees every demand for good governance even from non-partisan individual as an orchestration by the opposition to topple their cerebral penchant for STEALING. That one sef na old news.

That a man will sit somewhere in Bourdillon and pronounce who the Emir of Colombo will be: our accented politics of godfatherism that we have become used to as part and parcel of our political existence. We throw away principles of democracy, intra/inter parties, and we are just playing dummies to the whims and caprices of these arrogated leaders whose financial history we cannot point to the other than being super billionaires after they left political office. Mehn!

Make I name them? Dem plenty well well: Jaggered Ban, Aimodi Sherifatu, Maradona and all former of the former … (fill in the gap on your own). Even at that, na old news.

Please listen to Beautiful Nubia’s Kurumi

We need to change our game in all ramifications if we MUST see the change that we all have been mouthing.

My German friend saw how we drive here with every second interspersed with car horns. She asked:

is this how you drive here?

My answer: if you don’t do that you will run mad here.

Later that evening, I sat down and meditated on earlier events in the day. My conclusion: we live like animals here. Take it or leave it. Cotonou is close by; life is seemingly peaceful driving on their roads not to mention more developed climes. We have become used to a way of life that we hold as normal, but in the real sense, the abnormalities inherent in such are potent enough to wipe all of us out from the face of the earth if not for the grace of God which we should not continue to abuse. I am guilty just as you.

I almost broke down in tears seeing young people on that queue as ConFay distributed toxic waste in the name of rice, and am sure some would fight vigorously to be on that line just to have their future sold for some metabolic poison. I pity them. Ask yourself: if he loves you as he claims, would he have given you stale grains for food?

The alibi they may have for acting so foolishly is that they don’t know their right from their left, then we that can do proper identification of our fingers need to show them the potency of their thumbs, otherwise, we will be culpable of dereliction of duty of educating these ones and that will rob us of the good life we desire. In this time and age, though literacy has not gotten to a lot of people, I am sure education has spread wider than we can think (Literacy and Education, though interwoven, are two different concepts).

Definitely the said education will not come from those that believe in gerontocracy as they don’t see any future with the youths; the change we want will come from the youths. We need to rise up to this great challenge in our nation and take the bull by the horn, else we will remain miserable till another phase comes, and the coming phase will sweep us aside if we continue to operate this armchair activism.

Let us form political parties, draw up ideas/agenda/manifestos, get help from international youth organizations, contest for elective positions, vote for change, come into offices and effect the change. Some of us may say it is too late but I want you to know one thing: it is not necessarily for the next elections, we should prepare for the future ones. Hillary Clinton is already prepping for the White House come 2016.

No doubt, people like those boys on Salacious Doy’s killers’ payroll will want to infiltrate us to cause confusion, but let us not bother ourselves with them but rather welcome them, bring them in, make them know they stand a better future by becoming the good men they would have loved to be had their vision not been truncated by their employers who protect their own children’s lives by putting theirs on the line. They will become great men if they would stop killing and tow the right path to life. They still have hope.” Those that are with us are more than those against us”.

Please, I am not advocating patricide here: Just let us show our old fathers it is high time for them to relax. Ki won lo sen pe.

We also must act responsibly enough to deserve and walk what we are advocating: CHANGE!changeee

Thank you plenty. We dey very happy to receive your comment. We go contact you shortly. Enjoy!!

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