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Election and the game changers by Jane Chinelo

GEJGMBEditorial note:

(The following constitutes a personal account from a concerned elderly Nigerian lady, which had been sent in about a week ago)


From what is playing out on TV, I believe the main reason for postponing this election is borne out of PDP’s fear of losing the election. Probably, they needed more time to intensify their campaign and try to convince the general public. They observed that APC was gaining so much attention from the public despite all the campaigns of calumny. As much as possible, they are trying to promote the President, probably buy and pay keke-napep, motor park, some churches, drivers. I believe they are playing Continue reading Election and the game changers by Jane Chinelo

See Pictures: Ghana Elections go continue for 2nd day

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Voting for Ghana’s presidential and parliamentary polls wey dem start Friday go continue Saturday because of delays wey dem new biometric identification system caused.

The election na between President John Dramani Mahama and main opposition candidate Nana Akufo-Addo.

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For say I be prophet, I go predict the scores say na that Nana go win.