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A Word From GOD by Ikoro Iyineleda

The words below were initially placed on the web-site, Nairaland. Because of the evil of the wicked that keep on striving to cut The Truth off out of the land of the living, those words were deleted from Nairaland – and that won’t be the frst time that site has proven either its cowardice, or its affiliation with the evil and the wicked, or both. The words are hereby repeated on this site; that the only preacher of righteousness that appears to be left in this generation of vultures and hyenas may continue to lend his voice to that cause for which he dies, without dying – that yet, behold, both I and mine may live; and for ever.

May they all be so blind that they will not know who to beg from, where to beg in, what to beg with, or how to beg for absolutely anything whatsoever that they may need to receive the forgiveness that will grant them freedom from the bondage of this judgment.

And I give all glory, honour, and adoration to GOD, my God; for it is obvious to all that favour the righteous cause of The Ikoro that my prayer is indeed answered. From being kicked away from the straight and honest knock on the door with an invitation to (on the one hand) ascetism, and the cross of the triangular worker; an invitation to (on the other hand) revelry, and the cross of the triangular worker: to being kicked away from the just as honest, even when not so straight, knock on the door with the loss (for the kick then was just as much of fraud as it has ever been when the ball is kicked by the fool that believes it can dribble a ball) the loss of eighty thousand naira, or more (on the one Continue reading A Word From GOD by Ikoro Iyineleda