A Word From GOD by Ikoro Iyineleda

The words below were initially placed on the web-site, Nairaland. Because of the evil of the wicked that keep on striving to cut The Truth off out of the land of the living, those words were deleted from Nairaland – and that won’t be the frst time that site has proven either its cowardice, or its affiliation with the evil and the wicked, or both. The words are hereby repeated on this site; that the only preacher of righteousness that appears to be left in this generation of vultures and hyenas may continue to lend his voice to that cause for which he dies, without dying – that yet, behold, both I and mine may live; and for ever.

May they all be so blind that they will not know who to beg from, where to beg in, what to beg with, or how to beg for absolutely anything whatsoever that they may need to receive the forgiveness that will grant them freedom from the bondage of this judgment.

And I give all glory, honour, and adoration to GOD, my God; for it is obvious to all that favour the righteous cause of The Ikoro that my prayer is indeed answered. From being kicked away from the straight and honest knock on the door with an invitation to (on the one hand) ascetism, and the cross of the triangular worker; an invitation to (on the other hand) revelry, and the cross of the triangular worker: to being kicked away from the just as honest, even when not so straight, knock on the door with the loss (for the kick then was just as much of fraud as it has ever been when the ball is kicked by the fool that believes it can dribble a ball) the loss of eighty thousand naira, or more (on the one hand); the loss of a turkey, and certain garments (on the other hand): Ikoro Iyineleda continues to be given, without being given – by being made a Bucca-Warrior, without being made a Bucca-Warrior; or is it that they would he pass the examination they believe his life to be with a Black A, without being given absolutely any Black A?

Yet, the fools continue to apologise on air (for the atrocity, should we believe the testimony of their tongues, has always been on air; that the most cunningly conceived plot by which Man has ever slain one annointed by The LORD may be carried out without a trace of it being on record) they continue to beg, without begging; that they may then rape, rob, defraud, deny – and consequently claim to have been given.

And even as I have absolutely nothing to celebrate – though there may be quite a number that are even now preparing for “A Celebration Of Wonk” – I continue to be amazed that (even after Moses, even after the prophets, even after the resurrection, even after all The Creator has wrought by the life of The Ikoro) they are even after all not convinced. Ever striving to dribble the football they’re kicking, they now would he have a job – without having a job? Or is it actually to lose a job, withpout losing a job?

Even the reputable University of Ibadan appears to have become a part of the charade. A post-graduate diploma, without being given a post-graduate diploma – though the diploma was obviously both earned, and deserved? Because I am tied down (by the heart of snairs and nets, and the hands of fetters – as a consequence of my having gotten a grade good enough in the SAT for me to be welcome in a land where (rather than insist that “E no need am” because “E too late,” their leaders would thou know that “Yes, you can”) because I am to be tied down in the very same Ikadan that I continue to deem accursed, and yet without being in that same Ikadan? Or for an even more evil reason?

And now the thief, ever accusing the honest of being a thief (despite that obvious proof of their being even more stiff-necked than they who, ever resisting The Holy Spirit, slew The Christ) now would The Ikoro be known as having a coconut head? Because only a “soft” head is afflicted by the evil of the spirit? Or because of the discipline that the stripes inflicted on The Ikoro in Ikadan has grown in him, that he may thereby be able to endure.

Your tongues continue to testify against you.

And just as Paul gloried in his sufferings up to that extent where he boasted of it, so also do I boast of the stripes that has made me love even more my Father – Who, being my God, has assured me that He will not take His steadfast love from me; even should He then have to chastise me with the rod of men, with the stripes of the children of men. For The LORD disciplines him whom He loves, and chastises every son whom He receives. Therefore, that I was thus scourged by the thorough-koboko of this most accursed generation of the sons of Ham will never have me lose courage. As it has been written, it is truly proof that GOD knows me to be His son.

Yet, to those who – having used not only my head (with fraud not only of the physical, but also of the spiritual that bares the nudity of a mind – that I may then be The Naked Truth) but also my life; and who then would the life belong to them (that they may thereby lead astray that life that, today, does belong to GOD – a fact now made obvious to them) and therefore contend with The Creator, disputing over a life that was given to Him: unto them I say, “The LORD rebuke you.”

For the first-born of your sons you shall give to Him. And therefore, having – as Adedotun Sanda – been first-born of an earthly father; I have become and will ever be Ikoro Iyineleda, son of ELEDA.

Yet, even then the adversary may continue to contend with The LORD; as such as he have ever done – such that even a visit to a shoe-maker by the man-omo that (even as the gross hypocrisy behind the words, “We all gathered round to help you,” continues to be revealed) still knows not how to go out, or come in; even that visit brought about the same contention that will leave him with absolutely no hope.

And to the vultures, the hyenas, the scavengers, the Ham (that have not only scourged the shame of my nudity with the ridicule of derision and abuse; but that have also plundered of me that which is holy, those which are pearls) I repeat that which is written, “burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe”

Is it the wood that is ever burnt by such as thee? Again, burn for burn. And you may continue to boast of having burnt even Heaven (because, in thy words, “Heaven is always pako”) and then claim, also, that for that reason only I keep on getting scalded – for, once again in thy words (even if not in the same words) I and Heaven are of a kind. Burn Heaven if thou can. For the powers of the heavens will truly be shaken. Not my words.

I will continue to seek that city which is to come. And so will all that is mine. Your tongues continue to testify against you.

And of the plundering that has had an entire generation gather round to ruin the life of a man merely because he dared to defy the “E no need am” hypocrisy enough to endure the cross, and despise the shame – that he may then open his mouth for the emasculated, in the cause of he who is made to die before he dies; I say,

Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when he is hungry;

But if he be found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give all the substance of his house.

That which I ask of my God, day and night, is four-fold – or more. That which is written is sevenfold. The thief has the right to choose that which he would that he choose.

And to that which, being all mine, is The Pride of Machismo Renaissance (wherein is the faith of Masculinism) I say: By my stripes, thou art healed. And for thy salvation I will continue to endure the cross, and to despise the shame; even should GOD have it be that the ogling of my nudity proceed to the ogling of my wretchedness – before I finally conquer, overcome, and attain victory over each and absolutely every one of all my adversaries.




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