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Innocent children as victims in the Gaza crisis. Na where we dey walka go?

I dey wonder why Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) [you fit call am IMF sef – Israeli Military Forces] and Palestinian Militant Forces (PMF) dey war against each other and little children be immediate victims.


I wonder more why nobody fit do anything to stop the children, at least, from being victims.


United States Government?

The United Nations?

Individual influential persons?

Why the thing dey difficult to stop?

Even prayers?


And this war na religious war, against the most, or supposedly the most, religious persons in the world?


lAkUnLeScReWs dey cross em fingers…

Wahala dey for Gaza o. Bad bad thinzzz dey happen

Na one Palestinian student from Birzeit University be this. E dey push one burning tire during clashes with Israeli soldiers in the West Bank town of Betunia.

I know say plenty people go dey wonder say why this kin’ war, while the world looks on. Or rather the world seem to fuel the war….


Well, your humble servant sef no know o. We can only assume say we know.


More of assumptions as we walka together.