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heyLet’s quickly assume that there was never the Northern or Southern Protectorates; hence, no need for their amalgamation into what is today known as Nigeria, what would I be and what would you be? Today, you will not be the president of Nigeria and I will not be a Nigerian because there will be nothing like Nigeria. While I will be Continue reading MR. PRESIDENT: LET’S PLAY A GAME OF ASSUMPTIONS by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

“Nigerian Youths, Wake Up” – BB bc msg


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Today’s Issue:    “Nigerian Youths, Wake Up” – BB broadcast msg 


lAkUnLeScReWs welcome every lovely reader to another edition of the show, good morning, Naija on MeroëRadio.. E don tey wey we bring the show and na because of the kind rigour wey academic researches dey cause na em make us no show for this radio background since. Abeg, no vex.


The matter wey attract lAkUnLeScReWs this time start with one blackberry (nay whatsapp) broadcast message wey enter my phone a few days back. Make you read the message below:

“Niger Delta Militant – N75,000 per month.

Boko Haram – N100,000 per month.

NYSC – N19,800 per month.

Minimum wage for Civil Service – N18,900 per month.

Choose your career wisely:D”

Wetin that one come mean? I doubt if em require any insight before we begin understand the implication of the varied payment. The varied payment obviously no dey intentional but as the affected lot (almost ‘neglectedly’ so), e dey easy for us to see the obvious connection of disparity. Continue reading “Nigerian Youths, Wake Up” – BB bc msg

Nigerian Youths wake up

The following lines are not mine. Rather, they are the lines of an unknown (remember the unknown soldier? This one has to be the unknown Youth). They just dropped into/unto my phone as a broadcast message and I chose to share the thinking of the Nigerian youth with the readers of lAkUnLeScReWs around the world. Please, smile…

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“Nigerian Youths wake up>:O, We have no oda country xcept Nigeria, We hv been suffering in silence while our Leaders put our future in deir bank accounts. Ђôẃ long are we gonna stay lyk this? How can sum1 go to skool, suffer to graduate #:-s and at the end no job. You are almost 40 and still your future is as bleak as a dark room..:( Did ur parents send u to school to sit at home bcos our Government have failed us??. Continue reading Nigerian Youths wake up

Innocent children as victims in the Gaza crisis. Na where we dey walka go?

I dey wonder why Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) [you fit call am IMF sef – Israeli Military Forces] and Palestinian Militant Forces (PMF) dey war against each other and little children be immediate victims.


I wonder more why nobody fit do anything to stop the children, at least, from being victims.


United States Government?

The United Nations?

Individual influential persons?

Why the thing dey difficult to stop?

Even prayers?


And this war na religious war, against the most, or supposedly the most, religious persons in the world?


lAkUnLeScReWs dey cross em fingers…