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DEAR STRANGER, a love letter by Adejuwon Grace Oluwawemimo

strange                       I know this much about you; that you are human just like I am. That we have never met is true but knowing with all certainty that you are out there makes me feel like there is a companion going through life with me. I address this letter to you because, in a way, we are the same – life-fellows with questions that linger deep within our hearts with a tenacity that defies evasion. Questions pertinent about what the next step in our drifting existence ought to be; questions ceaselessly demanding from us what to life our attitude should be. Stranger though you are, yet a companion so dear.

I know very well there are moments you are reduced to sighs and gasps, because such moments exist for me, too. That you have many times grieved and mourned I have no doubt, for that, again, is a necessary life-fare that guarantees our companionship. Continue reading DEAR STRANGER, a love letter by Adejuwon Grace Oluwawemimo

Lagos Festival of Lights. Stealing copyrights?

With an appearance of splendor, glory, magnificence and…I no know bigger sounding words again, help me with some, Lagos, Nigeria celebrates Christmas period with dem own version of ‘Festival of Lights’. Beautiful things. If you no dey Lagos this Christmas period, then you are wrong!

See Lagos Pictures below and compare with standard ‘Festivals of Lights’. Pretensions without ‘OWN’ substance? Judge for yourself!

252288_10151345239217790_1263868505_n 383643_527191700633953_130209944_n Continue reading Lagos Festival of Lights. Stealing copyrights?