When and where witchcraft become a crime

Zimbabwe – Dem arrest and charge two women in Mashonaland West on Monday for doing wetin dem talk say dey similar to witchcraft.

The suspects be Rosemary Kamanga, 48 and Esnath Maodza, 56, both of Shackleton compound about 20km from Chinhoyi.

Dem dey treat them like say dem be thieves or hardened criminals. Na only Africa witch dey?

One thought on “When and where witchcraft become a crime”

  1. i find this to be very strange because witch craft can not be proven, so as to what evidence they have on them is kinda stupid if you asked me…

    in Botswana, which is where i come from, to label one as a witch is actually a crime on its own and one can serve a sentence or a fine by the courts….
    not that witch craft doesn’t exist, i believe it does but its is a crime or a believe that can not be proven…..

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