She fine or she no fine? Mixed reactions trail the award of Miss UN Tourism 2012

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On Sunday December 9 2012, dem crown Miss Gbemisola Shotade, 21, Miss UN Tourism 2012 in Jamaica.
The event na two-week keenly contested pageant wey dem hold for Jamaica. Miss Gbemisola also won Miss Congeniality and her costume na em be the best in the traditional category.
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For winning, she don earn herself $10,000, a modelling contract and plenty other opportunities.

However, as plenty people dey hail am say she try na em some people sef dey yarn say she no merit the award; say she no fine, say she no this, she no that. hmmm! Na bad belle be that?

Anyway, lAkUnLeScReWs gather say her brain dey part of the assets wey get Gbemisola the award.

Whatever we dey do, whether na sleeping, sweeping, sneazing or ‘stealing’ (I didn’t say that and you know what I mean), please, na only to advise say if we use our brain, the sky na the limit. Shikena.

lAkUnLeScReWs wishes Miss Gbemisola Shotade the best….but hope you see that sneaky hand wey gbab Gbemisola for waist?


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