Lagos gets em own Monopoly version with Makoko as Mayfair etc.

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E don happen, Monopoly, that popular Board game. E don get Lagos city version now. All the Oyinbo dem English places like Liverpool, Travalgar Square, Mayfair everything don change to Lagos names. This one na the original Naija way of playing Monopoly. Na now you dey talk. Globalisation, na so e be… This na the first of em kind for an African city and na Lagos dem launch am, with Banana Island replacing Mayfair.
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Murtala Muhammed International Airport e dey there. Makoko, the slum, dey there too. The Nigerian Stock Exchange and other properties dey on the board.




E get some other notable landmarks like the Tinubu Square, the New Afrika Shrine nightclub, Third Mainland Bridge and the National Theatre wey no dey on the Board. Funny names sef like replacing “Go To Jail” cards with “Go to jail. Go directly to Kirikiri jail” cards. Some of dem new Lagos traffic laws dey there sef: “You’ve been caught driving against traffic. Report for psychiatric evaluation,” one card yarn._64702514_64702513


Na US dem develop Monopoly game and na on top streets dem originally dey play am for Atlantic City. Then, London produce em own for 1935. “Lagos is the first African city to have its Monopoly. Two countries in Africa have theirs, Morocco and South Africa. But there’s no city that has its own customised edition,” Ms Akinkugbe yarn the Guardian.


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