Yakowa and Azazi in perspective


RADIO SHOW:   Good Morning Naija

STATION:             MeroëRadio

TIME:                    25 hours G.M.T. every single day, no be small thing

Today’s Issue:    Yakowa and Azazi in perspective

I welcome you to another episode of the radio show, ‘Good Morning, Naija’ on MeroëRadio. This episode na about a sad incident wey happen for Nigeria. That na the unfortunate death of another two powerful human beings in the country’s political class – serving Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa and former National Security Adviser to the nation’s President, Gen. Owoye Andrew Azazi.

The unfortunate incident happened on Saturday, 15th of December (coincidentally also the birth day of the father to lAkUnLeScReWs) in Bayelsa State, where the ‘happy-go-lucky’, ‘chop-belleful’, ‘big-belle’, ‘full-cheek, deflated skull’, ‘worry-full, worry-less’ power-wielding men and women of Naija congregated to bade farewell (maybe also with wads of the country’s useless currency) to the father of presidential aide Oronto Douglas.

On their return leg, plenty people escaped the gruesome hands of death wey don walka go Bayelsa that Saturday morning dey wait. Maybe, according to hearsay and ‘sayhear’, person like former Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Niger Delta, Timi Alaibe sef escape death by whatever stroke of luck.

The unlucky duo of Yakowa and Azazi, lAkUnLeScReWs can only deduce as em sef no dey there when the thing happen, na the people wey take dem head carry death. Make we remember the prayers of our fathers and mothers “Make we no walka for road on the day wey road dey hungry”. In this particular case of helicopter crash, the prayer suppose be “Make we no walka for air on the day wey air dey hungry.” Yakowa and Azazi don walka for air the day wey air dey hungry and na around the mouth of the hungry air, na em dem dey walka. Wetin dem expect? Death na! Shikena.

Ahem! But this incident no be simple everyday death like that of ‘ordinary’ Naijamen wey hunger, senseless road mishap, police stray or targeted bullet, malaria mosquitoes (or the like) or even sef ordinary death; just death by nature dey kill daily and by the second.

The branded ‘Death of Yakowa & Azazi’ na very different one wey plenty Nigerians dey give different interpretations depending on convenience, ignorance or levels of awareness. Some of the discussions by Nigerians on the death of the two men dey funny yet interesting. lAkUnLeScReWs go commit sin if e no envelope them.

Meanwhile, make lAkUnLeScReWs take style go one short musical break with Eedris Abdulkareem music, Nigeria Jagajaga.

download (1)m

FX: Musical break. Nigeria Jagajaga. [Sing along]

You are welcome back. The show wey you dey listen to na still Good Morning, Naija on MeroëRadio. And na the reactions wey dey trail the ‘Death of Yakowa & Azazi’ we dey yarn.

Some people dey yarn say the Chopper wey carry the duo get engine fault, na why the thing crash be that. And say the duo just dey unfortunate to be the subjects of a faulty Chopper. How convenient!

Others prefer to put the blame squarely on the Engineers and their negligence or, as yet some others put am, the incompetence of the pilot.

Yet again, just like the thing happen elsewhere, some yarn say na one cleaner of the Chopper fuck up. They quip say maybe the guy or the girl wey clean the Chopper that morning don press something wey he/she forget to return to em normal place. There are some excuses (or explanations, if you no mind) wey dey funny if not crazy.

Lastly, this explanation seems to be the one wey the larger percentage of people dey bandy about, na bomb person plant inside the Chopper ordered by another person with the ultimate interest of person wey all of us persons no know at all. People wey dey bandy this yarn about even suggest say na only Gen. Azazi dem be wan kill because of his recent utterances about and against the ruling political party , People’s Democratic Party (P.D.P.).

Wetin he yarn?

He yarn say P.D.P. na the problem wey Nigeria get and na wetin make dem wan kill Gen. Azazi before he begin to yarn the secrets wey he know. Quite plausible! lAkUnLeScReWs’ concern na ‘from where dem get the facts?’ Na person wey plant the bomb tell them? Reason am na….

For here, we believe facts are the only truths upon which we suppose dey base our judgments, especially the socio-political ones. Sentiments and emotions can justifiably becloud our judgments when the matter concern relationships (especially man and woman. *winks*) but serious matters of national importance need more facts and…. Make we hear from the audience now.

Listeners at home, our call line dey open. Call to let us know wetin you reason. Your reason dey important to us.

Once again, this show na Good Morning, Naija on MeroëRadio.

Till we meet again next time, no do wahala o.



Life is a beautiful place

And it always is

Especially when you have groomed your mind to be beautiful

In spite of the noise, the violence, the deaths, the despair

a silently beautiful mind

Stretches to touch the beauties of life

And life’s beauties smile back

The world is as your mind is

It is jagajaga when you have a jagajaga mind

And smooth when your mind is smooth

So, next time you want to look at the world

You better see a beautiful one


“As a man thinketh in his heart

so is he.”

Thank you plenty. We dey very happy to receive your comment. We go contact you shortly. Enjoy!!

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