Police against ‘Rape-Provoking’ Miniskirts


Women wey dey wear miniskirts or tops exposing part of dem stomach may be arrested by the Police.  One police person talk am in Swaziland.

“The act of a rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women,” Wendy Hleta, na em yarn am.

Offenders wey dem arrest fit face six-month jail term, na 1889 dem make the law.

The ban also applies to low-rise jeans.

“They will be arrested,” she said.

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lAkUnLeScReWs sef gather say in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, a town claimed to be the ‘origin of humanity’ (don’t ask me ‘how?’), a special military team now embarrasses ladies in such ‘amoral’ dresses. The service of a bike man (Okada man) was once requested by the Police to help suckle the breasts of ladies dressed skimpily.

Hleta talk say “women wearing revealing clothing were responsible for assaults or rapes committed against them.

“I have read from the social networks that men and even other women have a tendency of ‘undressing people with their eyes’. That becomes easier when the clothes are hugging or are more revealing,” Hleta yarn.

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The law walka come life some women and young girls protested in a march last month calling for protection against rapes in the impoverished kingdom.


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