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#PAUSIBILITY: We Must Scale This Fence by Adebayo Coker

NasssI was not able to watch the clip of the jumping legislators till last week Sunday. Remember I told you I didn’t want anyone to put sand in the garri I was enjoying at Ake Arts and Books Festival (AABF).

By the way, for some of us that are complaining about the dearth of the reading culture and literary life in Nigeria, we should endeavor to revive it by organizing, promoting and attending literary events like AABF, LABAF and the likes. I must commend the good work done by Lola Shoneyin and her team on the smooth organization of AABF. Kudos!

Back to where we were. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: We Must Scale This Fence by Adebayo Coker

AS OSUN STATE IS DECIDED FOR… by ‘lakunle Jaiyesimi

osunThe gubernatorial election in Ekiti State has come and gone, leaving in its wake shock, conciliation and much more. While the staggering results of the election has left many optimists in the ‘Nigerian-project’ disenchanted, stalwart-members and well-wishers of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party within and without Ekiti State have found new voice and renewed strength to boast of their ‘unparalleled’ credibility to win elections, any-day, anywhere. No wonder, even the President of the country and the recently cross-carpeted hungry-man-in-politics believes their party will win the Osun State election and any other that comes their way as they did in Ekiti State.

I have an anecdote. Sometime between 8.00 and 8.30 a.m. this morning, I was scanning for a television station that will be unbiased in its coverage of the Osun State election, which incidentally holds today. I stopped when I got to the ‘Channel of the Year for the 8th time’, there was well-groomed gentleman decked in well-trimmed suit admonishing his Continue reading AS OSUN STATE IS DECIDED FOR… by ‘lakunle Jaiyesimi

SA police dragged man to death with their Van. Got suspended.

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Dem don suspend eight South African police wey arrest one Mozambican taxi driver, Mido Macia, 27, cuff am to a police van and begin drag am along the street. The guy later died.







Even Naija Police people wey no send no fit do that kind thing, lailai. People dey craze pass people sha.

Some people record the incident for the public and dem don broadcast am on TV. Continue reading SA police dragged man to death with their Van. Got suspended.

Police against ‘Rape-Provoking’ Miniskirts


Women wey dey wear miniskirts or tops exposing part of dem stomach may be arrested by the Police.  One police person talk am in Swaziland.

“The act of a rapist is made easy, because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women,” Wendy Hleta, na em yarn am.

Offenders wey dem arrest fit face six-month jail term, na 1889 dem make the law.

The ban also applies to low-rise jeans.

“They will be arrested,” she said.

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Update: Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

The following na the story wey the MD of the Pharmacy outlet, HealthPlus Magodo, wey robbers attack recently yarn about the incident. Read and make your own conclusions…


“Dear All, this information should have come earlier, but we were waiting on the police to make progress with their investigation, so that we give accurate information. On Sun 2 Dec, armed robbers attacked Magodo Branch. A customer was shot in the foot (he is ok), personal items, cash, walking sticks, perfumes & cash were stolen. A customer’s car was driven away (its been found). Another’s car keys were taken. An unfortunate incidence indeed.

Our Guard did not report to our CSO neither did he report to his Prudential Guard. He disregarded SOPs. By Tue 4 Dec, we watched the CCTV recording & the 1st observation was that the recording started when the robbers were already inside the store. The feedback was that the Pharmacist on duty switched off the CCTV so that the robbers will not damage it, but that he later switched it on. If this was the case,we would have seen the beginning of the shift @about 10am.We would have seen the normal activities till the 2 robbers came in, Continue reading Update: Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

Confusion on top accident involving Terry G

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The Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Ngozi Braide, has confirmed that the police is still searching for controversial singer, Gabriel Oche-Amanyi, better known as Terry G, over a hit-and-run case.

About a month ago, news yarn say Terry G jam person with em car for one Club Royale, Oba Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos. The person wey em jam na Moshood Azeez; em crush the guy leg and dem carry am go hospital. News yarn say Terry G run escape from there after the incident.


The PPRO (Police ‘talker’) don confirm the incident say the thing actually happen. She talk say when her men call Terry G on phone; he yarn say na Benin em dey. “He is yet to honour the invitation. That is why we are yet to arrest him. We have also searched his house somewhere in Agege, but we did not see him, up till now. I’m not a doctor and can’t tell you the gravity of the injury sustained by the victim, but I’m aware he was rushed to the hospital.”

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Terry G’s Media Manager, Alex Ozone, yarn say all na lie say Terry G dey on the run. Em talk say na bloggers dey try exaggerate the matter to drive traffic to dem sites. Well, Heavens dey see who dey lie.

“He is not wanted by the Police. It was a minor accident but some people just want to make news out of it. He mistakenly hit the guy in question, but they sorted it out that night. He even gave the guy some money for treatment. Terry G travelled to Enugu this morning (Wednesday) for a private show,” Ozone said.

For the records, na few weeks ago na em Terry G madame born pikin.