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Piers Morgan, Alex Jones and Gun Control in America, ‘da States United’


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Today’s Issue:    Piers Morgan, Alex Jones and Gun Control in America, ‘da States United’


I welcome the whole earth to another episode of our MeroëRadio Show, Good Morning, Naija wey lakunlescrews bring give you. Today, time no dey for perimeter talk. Na one global comedy steal our attention earlier in the week. That popular Piers Morgan Tonight host, Piers Morgan, na em host one Alex Jones wey scatter scatter go burst for Monday, 7th January, 2013 on CNN.

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Heartless killing of children in Connecticut. Mysteries…

download (6)When scienttists yarn say all man dey craze, I doubt if dem think of this man.

The guy just walka enter one secondary school,  Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday for Newtown, Connecticut (according to CNN) and begin shoot. Na 20 children and 6 adults he kill, including the school principal, Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach. 

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Reports yarn say he kill himself and em mother sef.


What level of craziness person go call that? Developed or developing or underdeveloped?

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Na Obama win again o

President Obama don win re-election to the white house.

The minorities, women and moderates mainly give am the mantle again.

Obama pass the decisive 270-vote threshold in the Electoral College; em get victory for Ohio. The win give am 274 electoral votes while Romney get 201. Na CNN talk so.

One Romney friend talk say Romney to believe say em go lose. This Obama guy, ehn….

The guy win for battleground states of Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa, California, New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Romney sef try no be small but Obama win em home state of Illinois as well as Romney’ s home state of Massachusetts — where the Republican previously served as governor. Even place wey dem born Romney, Michigan, Obama na em win.


Na time to pop Champagne for this victory. Na easy prediction. God Bless Naija.


You are welcome to the midday special episode of Good Morning Naija, a MeroëRadio show wey lAkUnLeScReWs bring to you.

“Campaign go end today. Tomorrow na elections!”. That na wetin the campaign managers of the two parties contesting for the office of the United States President yarn me this morning on my way back from the states (of sleep, if you no mind).

They yarn say even though the campaign go end today, person wey go win in the election which go take place in less than twenty four hours remain very unclear.

Obama join Romney both get 49% support. Na one new CNN Poll talk am.

Obama join Romney both get 48% support. Na Politico/George Washington University survey talk am.

It get one poll wey dem release today, Monday. The thing dey show say President Barack Obama dey lead Mitt Romney with shikini (small) margin  in Virginia, a crucial battleground state wey get13 electoral votes.

Out of hundred voters in the state, forty-eight say na the president dem go vote, while forty-seven say na the GOP presidential nominee go get dem vote. Na NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist survey talk so.

Them sha dey release different poll results for different battleground states and all of them dey similay, now wey na only few hours remain before the election.

Make we wait for the election to come and go. But from our own side, we dey see say Obama dey try…