Bode Asiyanbi shines@the 1st edition of British Council’s Lagos Theatre Festival

At Eko Hotel & Suites, British Council Nigeria together with three of Nigeria ‘s most exciting theatre companies wan take 2 days do yanga with original, exciting performances wey go show for ‘unconventional spaces’ (whatever that is). Dem say ‘unconventional spaces’ na the Presidential Suite, Car Park, Petanque Area, and Casa Chianti Restaurant – at the Eko Hotel & Suites


Haering from the horse’s mouth, na the thing wey our first horse (Ojoma Ochai, Assistant Director of the British Council)yarn be this,

“We’re infusing cutting-edge techniques and tools to bring theatre, historically a rich part of Nigerian culture, to an even wider range of arts consumers,” The idea is to create a platform for theatre away from conventional theatre spaces, which sadly are in short supply in these parts.” 


Make I share the commentary on one of the plays to be seen with you,


Shattered playwright, Bode Asiyanbi
‘Shattered’ playwright, Bode Asiyanbi

“House of Tales (led by Ifeanyi Dibia) makes an ambitious debut with Bode Asiyanbi’s 2011 BBC African Performance winning play ‘Shattered’, a deeply moving story which exposes in a powerful way the silence that often surrounds the issue of rape, when victims are often reluctant to come forward and disclose what has happened to them – especially when the perpetrator is someone very close. Without preaching or condescension, Shattered sheds generous light and heart on what is, across and beyond Africa , a truly complex issue.”282675_10200478944194486_1015967254_n

You fit glimpse the details of the other ogbonge plays on the beautiful poster on top.

Buy tickets at Terra Kulture (VI) and Bogobiri (Ikoyi).

First horse yarn again, “If you want to see Nigerian theatre in ways you have never seen it performed before, then you want to be hanging out with us at Eko Hotel on the 16th and 17th of February, 2013,” 


2 thoughts on “Bode Asiyanbi shines@the 1st edition of British Council’s Lagos Theatre Festival”

  1. whoa,its nice to see d play coming up in lagos, cos i did like to meet d writer if he will b around to see hs play watched by thousands of 9ja.kudos to u bode

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