My Oga at the top, Shem Obafaiye, Suspension and Naija’s double-speak…

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E don reach days now wey my fellow Nigerians don become ‘My Oga at the top’ and everybody seems to dey enjoy that position at the top. There, plenty comedy dey to relax your nerves.

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Our man, Mr., abi na Chiefo?, Shem Obafaiye don turn the most popular guy for Nigeria on top em ‘My Oga at the Top’ allusion to em boss, only God knows who that is. That ‘Oga’ must be omniscient to know what a whole Obafaiye no know. Anyway, indications dey ground say dem don suspend our friend, brother, husband, father and ‘Oga at the top’. How dem come want make we dey laugh na?

If na true say dem don suspend am, I get small issue with am because na double-speak, abi na double yarn, be that o. Wetin the poor guy do? Na crime to show the talents wey you get abi to tell the world the truth say you no too know something, and you come as you are?


Wetin dem yarn say our friend, Shem, do? Say em disgrace dem ‘Company’ – NSCDC and present dem in bad light. Bad light? When dem employ am, dem no know em capability? When dem promote am nko? Dem dey sleep? When dem make am Lagos State Commandant, dem go party ni? When Channels TV invite am come yarn, why dem no stop am? Dem expect make he do magic abi make em do wetin pass em power? Haba, make we wake up na.

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lAkUnLeScReWs plead say make the owner of the webiste, ww.nscdc yes…so?…dats all, leave poor Shem make he do em work jare. The incident happened because God wan expose the fact say na mediocres our Government people dey employ as long as ‘man don sabi man’ somehow, while dem dey bullshit the really gifted applicants.

my Oga at the top say make I greet everybody wey be our fan o….God dey…

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