“Nigerian Youths, Wake Up” – BB bc msg


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Today’s Issue:    “Nigerian Youths, Wake Up” – BB broadcast msg 


lAkUnLeScReWs welcome every lovely reader to another edition of the show, good morning, Naija on MeroëRadio.. E don tey wey we bring the show and na because of the kind rigour wey academic researches dey cause na em make us no show for this radio background since. Abeg, no vex.


The matter wey attract lAkUnLeScReWs this time start with one blackberry (nay whatsapp) broadcast message wey enter my phone a few days back. Make you read the message below:

“Niger Delta Militant – N75,000 per month.

Boko Haram – N100,000 per month.

NYSC – N19,800 per month.

Minimum wage for Civil Service – N18,900 per month.

Choose your career wisely:D”

Wetin that one come mean? I doubt if em require any insight before we begin understand the implication of the varied payment. The varied payment obviously no dey intentional but as the affected lot (almost ‘neglectedly’ so), e dey easy for us to see the obvious connection of disparity.


E get another broadcast message wey I get today, 4/11/2013. The message na one of the many reactions to the fact wey we state above and we publish am elsewhere on top this blog.

Please, read and smile: Nigerian Youths wake up https://lakunlescrews.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/nigerian-youths-wake-up/#respond.


E get another one wey Harold Smith write, THE CONFESSIONS OF HAROLD SMITH: THE DESTRUCTION OF NIGERIA. Please, read that one for here https://lakunlescrews.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/the-confessions-of-harold-smith-the-destruction-of-nigeria/#respond


So, whether we get the patience to read through the above articles or not, at least, e suppose dey obvious the fact say something dey wrong somewhere. That thing wey dey wrong must be with the leadership, the followership or maybe na the ‘ship’ sef. However, wetin lAkUnLeScReWs concoct from it all hold em ground like Olumo.

For the moment, make we sammer ourselves a musical break with Eedris Abdulkareem’s ‘Naigeria, jagaja’

FXdownload (19) We welcome you back from that short musical break. Like we dey yarn dey go, whether we gree or no gree, whther we even know am sef or we no know, something dey wrong with this country of ours. And in the final analysis, na the people suppose blame themselves. Abi, how you see am? When person steal (read, chop) money wey belong to the general public and this public no gree talk (read, complain. No be the kind talk wey we dey do for beer parlour or while we dey work. That one na internal war of attrition o), then wetin we dey do invariably na encouraging the stealers to continue to dey steal. Unfortunately, when these people (read, leaders) steal our money, wetin many of us dey do na to face our jobs (na that time you go hear people say, wetin concern you? You no go mind your business?)

Well me, me I go wonder wetin else be my business o if I no fit ask the people wey I vote questions as to how dem dey manage the funds and office wey I give them as mandate. If you no fit ask, then you no get right to complain about how the country is governed. That one bring me close to a digression wey I don dey hitch to talk about since. I get thousands of friends wey dey derive pleasure in arguing about politics and more the state of the nation, after which dem go tire, go bathe, chop and sleep, snoring like…like…you know what…. Dem no dey ever do anything about the worrisome circumstances wey dem find themselves in. Yet, na dem sabi pass. I no dey follow dem talk. Before the bubble finally bursts, abi how you want make we talk am?

E better make every Nigerian Youth understand wetin dem own role be in shaping the future of the country. If the country remains as one, indivisibly so, I believe there is a great future ahead of us, almost already touching the tip of our nose.

So, whether you make yourself available or not, the country go still become great. Take am or leave am, lAkUnLeScReWs dash you this advise, “make you join in the fray and be mentioned in the ‘unfolding history’ of a ‘ONCE GREAT NATION’.”


Listeners at home, our call line dey open. Call to let us know wetin you reason. Your reason dey important to us. Once again, this show na good morning, Naija on MeroëRadio. Till we meet again next time, no do wahala o.



You are black.

You are beautiful.

The strength of the black man lies in the texture, the integrity and the radiance of his skin.

His veins flow with the blood of covenant;

a covenant that has built temples and pyramids through ages past.

A covenant that strides ahead to gather blessings from the future.

You are black. You are no lesser than human. You are no second citizen of the Universe. You are black.

The world is in chaos because you have not risen.

You are black. The world needs you. Gradually…. One step at a time… One person at a time…

You are black. You became the President of the United States…

You are black. You became the Secretary General of the United Nations…

You are black. You became the Vice Chancellor of the Southern University, New Orleans…

You are black. You became mayor in Ireland…

You are black. You became the best 100 meter racer in the world.

You are black. You can achieve everything that everyone else can achieve.

You are black. Just believe….

Thank you plenty. We dey very happy to receive your comment. We go contact you shortly. Enjoy!!

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