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ForgetThe Presidential inauguration has come and gone. The old (if there was any) government had gone and the new is here. Like they say, the dog must hit the ground running. The previous government, it must be noted, had been accused of ‘doing’ so many things wrongfully but I’m afraid before the handing-over, she was not so much accused of what she was supposed to do that she didn’t do.

Of the things that government was accused of, corruption (or stealing, if you mind) was prime; others may be aiding-and-abetting of eli-thieves, institutionalized state-pardon for criminals, widespread employment of rogues and never-do-wells (for them to come-and-chop), iro ojukoroju (blatant falsehoods), political indiscretions and…fill in the gaps. And… Continue reading WHAT THE LAST GOVERNMENT FORGOT by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Of Rogues and Saints. Re: ASUU is on strike again. Who cares? SMH


My attention was recently, precisely at a time when I should be frolicking with friends, drawn to a beautifully written piece by someone I hold in high regard, a father, fighter and lover, Pa Ikhide. I have always loved to read him. This time, his piece focuses on ASUU (a body he refers to as that of thugs. Of course, with an apology against generalisation). This piece is titled “ASUU is on strike again. Who cares? SMH” and can be read here http://xokigbo.wordpress.com/


This said piece, you will agree with me is an eye-opener. And I can create a lengthy piece of conjoined words to describe my admiration for the thoughtfulness and intended patriotism that make the crust of Pa Ikhide’s beautiful harangue. However, now and then, as I read through the piece, enjoying the tides, I stumble on some words and my head reflexly enters the shaking mode, as in ‘no, no, no’. I will not be pleased if ASUU sues my Pa Ikhide to court for his patriotism, wins and hence, making my Pa forever bankrupt. This piece can be used as evidence in the court of law.

To the point. Continue reading Of Rogues and Saints. Re: ASUU is on strike again. Who cares? SMH