Today is her birthday and she’s Ifeoluwa Salako a.k.a. Ifelatu


My name is Love

like the mat that gets dirty

that the feet of many may get clean

So, I am…

like the tyres that convey the vehicle

to and fro the journeys of life

but rarely gets washed and noticed

So, I am…

like the moon, one bright mighty moon,

standing alone right upIfee in the dark sky

every dingy night, as black as darkness

but illuminat-ing the paths

that man, good or bad,

may find his path to destiny.

So, I am…

My name is Love

simple, diminutive, almost unnoticed

disregarded, by self and yourselves

When the heavens crumble,

my head grows tall to stop it

from shattering, but no one notices.

My shoulders ache from too much pain and worries

they are mostly pain and worries meant not for me

but for self and yourselves

So, I am…

My name is Love

and my cross is heavy

yet, no one can help lift

I am the mat, the tyres and

the Moon

IfeelAnd just when my eyes shuts from weariness

when my shoulders begin to fall, frail

His voice resounds, the Sun, bold and warm,

“Go to sleep, my beloved,

Leave your pains and worries behind with me,

I’ll take care of them.

Sleep awhile and regain your power.

This day is mine as it is yours.

I’ll bear your pains and worries

that you may come up smiling and strong,

now and always.

Because Love, I love you.”

(Dedicated to someone I love, Ifeoluwa Salako, on her statistically significant birthday today, 17/10/2013. You’re my inspiration!)


6 thoughts on “Today is her birthday and she’s Ifeoluwa Salako a.k.a. Ifelatu”

  1. Lakunle, this is whao! Nice concept and well crafted. I am impressed and I wish I can do this for some one too!
    Now to Love, u are diminutive but in effect, even the giant cannot save golgotha-bound lives u save; Love, u are more that the giant. U are so pure and clean but sometimes u appear like something-brought-in-by-the-cat so that u can reach the down-trodden and the crushed; Love, u are more and easily accessible than the saints. However, Love, u are like a monster that everyone talks about but only few have seen. U are a virtue everyone claims to have but only few truly have just a nodding acquaintance of. Love u a are RARE VIRTUE!

  2. Oh love,what a scandalous feelings in d overseas all and all again in unification of the heart,starting from a point to an endless,bottomless pitch of the earth.Glad to be in love, then share your mind to that person cos you never know what this love has for two.

  3. Love, u’re the advice my broda heeded when I scripted in “AGONIS”,these short verses;
    “Wake ‘Lakunle
    Wake ‘Bode
    Wake ‘Ekiko
    Wake’ Keem
    Wake ‘Hannibal
    Wake from this slithering journey
    Into the land with thousand miles
    Wake with your hearts immerse in honey
    Find a maiden festooned with random smiles
    And break her pot on the way to the stream
    Where the water washes clean the heartbreaks
    Of yesterday”
    Now u know when u conjugated Lakzz,u activated a bond in the chains that held many. Now u belong to a family where words breathe life and all things beautiful are borne out of simple verses.

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