OAU with suspected Ebola infection

oauIteoluwakiisi was taken to the Obafemi Awolowo University Health Centre in the morning of Tuesday, 9/9/2014 for a medical ritual (to weigh him and record his developmental progress). We were turned back by the obvious absence of the usual smiling-faced nurses that held postnatal clinics every tuesday. A man, who seemed surprised to see us, stopped momentarily beside us, then moves on with his fumigation exercise. 

The whole place was smelling of fumigant. We turned back before anyone had the chance to turn us back. A little later, it was gathered that a patient, who is also a student of the University, had been suspected of being infected with the dreaded Ebola virus. However, that was just a suspicion whose confirmation can only be made after the blood of the patient, which has been sent to Lagos returns positive. In the meantime, the patient has been isolated and relevant medical personnel (EVD team from Lagos) had been contacted to come pick up the patient. 

What fact is medically available is that the patient, who is a female and from port-harcourt was tested positive for fever; some said chronic malaria.

An account of the patient has it that she, along with her mother, had visited the family of the late port-harcourt doctor to commiserate with them; and while her mother hugged the spouse of the late doctor, she carried their baby. Hmmmmmm…food for thought. More later…

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