Re: Pausibility: Of Nominal, Normal And The Extreme by Adebayo Coker by Ikoro Iyineleda

The following is a rejoinder to one of the #PAUSIBILITY articles titled, “#Pausibility: Of Nominal, Normal And The Extreme”.


I hope that which you wrote about the mechanic, Adebayo, will be an

eye-opener to the folly set in many high places; of whom Solomon wrote
– and due to whom slaves ride on horses; whilst the rich sit in a low
place, whilst princes walk on foot like slaves. You ever see the fools
blaring their empty-headed skulls through the mass media, thumping
their primitive chests over the “masses” that they would they be voted
into office to serve – not having studied history well enough to
realise that the proletariat not only ever envy the elite, but ever
would they overthrow that very same elite that (as the most foolish
that can be) would it serve them.

I wrote the beginnings of a brief homily once; with which I sought to
explain how even Jesus The Christ was blind to the cunningly conceived
plots of this poorer class that the folly set in many high places
often regale, when addressing them as “the masses.” That homily was
pilfered from my room – most obviously, by those amidst that poorer
class that did not want the evil in their age-old cunningly conceived
plots to be revealed by The Truth that I (by the grace of GOD, my God)
forever am. Yet, had The Christ realised then (when he was on earth)
that the only reason his countrymen ever disobeyed him when he said
unto them, “See that you say nothing to any one” (as it is written,
“And he STRICTLY ordered them not to make him known,” “And he STRICTLY
charged them that no one should know this,” “And he charged them to
tell no one”) the only reason why “the more he charged them, the more
zealously they proclaimed it;” was because they all knew who he was,
and what he could eventually be – and, to be as apt as I can be, they
wanted him to “over-step” his boundaries.

Ever envying the elite lineage he was born into; “Son of David” was
the title with which they flattered him – when they did not go as far
as to actually say, “Thou art the Son of God” – and it never could
occur to him then that all they would that they do was slaughter him
with all the evil of their cunning; just as blatantly as the less
devious Herod would that he be dead.

Only his own inner circle (his own disciples – The Twelve) obeyed, to
the letter, when he charged them – on at least two occasions – “to
tell no one about him.” But the jealous masses that he had such
compassion on? The evil in their intent (as they thronged after him in
such large numbers, and proclaimed his deeds with such loud aplomb)
was eventually revealed by the words with which they were finally

“His blood be on us and on our children.”

Their aim had been achieved. They had trumpeted his name, and his
deeds – not just to others of their own kind, but also to the
ever-envious Herods that thronged his generation. And they had finally
had him “over-step” his boundaries. The Herods (be they scribe,
Pharisee, or what-have-you) had to have him slain.

And it is this same envy (this insidiously vile jealousy) with which
the poorer classes (the proletariat) ever regard the elite, that the
folly set in many high places never see through – when they seek to
alleviate the supposed poverty of even omo oniles (land-owners); the
genuine poverty of those the supposedly ever-forgiving Christ
(ever-forgiving, at least, according to Christians; the vast majority
of whom remain eternally deluded) knew enough to speak of when he said
unto his disciples, “To you it has been given to know the secrets of
the Kingdom of Heaven, BUT TO THEM IT HAS NOT BEEN GIVEN;” and the
feigned poverty of the genuinely wealthy amongst those masses that
ride horses – whilst the truly rich sit in a low place, whilst princes
are left walking on foot like slaves.

Folly, set in oh-so-many high places. Never realising that all the
masses ever, ever, say of them all – in the long run – is, as you
rightly pointed out, “E san owo nla.” Or, to be even more precise,
“Son of Sanda, where art thou going? What dost thou want? We will
pursue, we will overtake, we will divide the spoil. After everything,
what hast thou now become? You don’t know that which we have become.
No one will tell you. You will never know. Now that we have stolen
everything, what are you going to do? Son of GOD, what else can we
defraud thee of?”

P.S.:  is published
on the blog, Had it not been for the
cunning of the evil that ever would The Truth be cut off out of the
land of the living, this rejoinder would have been published on that
very same site – as a reply to the post. Yet all things ever work
together for good to them that love GOD. Thus, even more of The Truth
is revealed with the words above, than with that which would have been
revealed as a mere “reply.”

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