#PAUSIBILITY: The Gravitas Of These Tickets by Adebayo Coker

xtianmuslimI have not been disturbed, in anyway  and at anytime, by the religiousity of anyone in arriving at my conclusion. Your Christianity or Islam, better still, your religious belief is not my problem in as much as you are saddled with a responsibility and you deliver expressly, my unreserved ovation will go to you.

Now that we have Christian-Muslim Ticket on one hand and Muslim-Christian Ticket on the other, where do we go from here?  Now that the so much touting of religious hegemony has been removed on both sides of the coin by the two dominant parties in our polity, I ask you again, where do we go from here? What other vehicle of divisions are these political gunsels going to ride amongst us again?

Now, the ‘bastard’ Salacious Doy is at it again. This time, he is peddling sectionalism as usual since their sectarianism ploy failed. These bad eggs in the society will never rest on their destruction oars. It is left for us to decide if we will allow these idiots to succeed or not.

I do not remember the last time I got a preferential treatment when the mosquito bites came at everyone. I do not remember if at any time a part of the road was reserved for me because I am a Christian. I do not remember being offered any staple from Aso Rock because the man ‘sleeping’ there is a Christian like myself. Sometimes I wonder, what has my Christianity bought for me in the face of this mad touting of political religiosity?

Whether you are have been to Jerusalem or Mecca is not my business ; what I want from you are socio-political deliverables. Chikena!

I have decided to talk to you directly my dear brothers and sisters. Between now and February 2015, I will be urging us to please not allow ourselves be drawn aback by the many gimmickry of politricks. Look very well before you cast your votes.

The gravitas of any government is to deliver that which government is meant for and in line with that, I urge you to buy only the ‘movie’ ticket that you know will deliver the best.

Thank you.

Thank you plenty. We dey very happy to receive your comment. We go contact you shortly. Enjoy!!

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