#PAUSIBILTY: The Malfeasance of Joey The Donkey, As The King Of The Jungle by Adebayo Coker

GEJI want to tell a story and I pray you follow me.

Joey is a donkey, strong but only amiably useful in the transport of man and goods from one point to the other, even to the present day. Each time other strong members of the jungle go on expedition, they ride Joey and leave him at the entrance of their rendezvous. Joey will be left alone to graze about but must surely come back on time to convey the strong men back to their various destinations. Very unfair you will say.

One day , just  as another meeting was being held, Joey in his usual grazing manner had gone near a swamp where he met Paulina, an agonizing lonely hippopotamus: lonely because all other hippopotamuses are fast embracing a better life outside of the swamp but she remained unperturbed by the need for a systemic change; she remains dirty.

Pauly engaged Joey in a chat, though Joey was fearful ab initio, because Pauly is reputed for her ‘unusual’ strong cannibalization that makes every other animal to avoid her, but this time she promised to help Joey if only he would keep her company to the end of time; she would see to it that Joey becomes the King of the Jungle someday. Joey liked the idea but a feeling of somewhat awkwardness overwhelmed him as he wondered how feasible this is. Yet, he returned to take the strong men back to their destinations, but hopeful that he will be the King of the Jungle someday since the ominous Pauly had promised him.

Pauly started scheming by trailing all stronger animals to the different streams they drank from; she bit, hurt and even killed them one by one. Some offspring of the stronger animals resisted because they saw that Joey lacked the needed skills to lead the Jungle; but the majority of the animal kingdom resisted their gang-up against Joey purposely because that is the rightful thing to do. Joey came to reign.

It must be said that a leader is not born but made.

Joey rather than attuning himself to the stately office he occupies, chose to take counsel only from Pauly who is a mastermind of disharmony shrouded mysticism. Joey surrounded himself only with the counselors chosen him by Pauly.

Corruption and injustice prevailed and the princes and princesses were the subjects. They ambushed the progress of cultural development and led the people through waters of apathy. The waters led nowhere but back to themselves, to their greed, to their shamelessness, to their untrimmed gratifications. Many tags were ascribed to the emergent strains of villagers – harlot, thug, bandit, kleptomaniac, whore, robber, Machiavellian, political interns, and half-baked academic and title-carrying office holders, who explore, or rather, exploit the soft spots and valley of young ladies. Associated with each tag was a special attribute that tainted the pride and downed the glory of man. – ‘ Lakunle Jaiyesimi ( Embers Die In Twilight)

Vainglory, sycophancy from ill-bred animals that are readily arrogating the power of salvation to Joey, obstreperous accumulation of wealth as expected of a hippopotamus that doesn’t see a change from within because “a hippo can be taken out of the swamp but never can a swamp be taken out of the hippo” and Joey, a donkey that had nothing but hooves before ascending a lofty height.

The people wailed as their lives improved but at nothing, and they clamour for a leader that won’t say “all these things did not start with my government”; someone that will take responsibility and act as a leader not someone that will attenuate their grave suffering to a national sacrifice while he, his family and friends feed fat on the resources of the land. The people want a change!

Joey swore to hold on to power at all costs. Even though he maintains the mien of a donkey he was betrayed by his many atrocious activities because a drunk will always blab faster than his senses. He starts throwing dusts when he sees that he is not in the good book of most animals in the domain.

Joey lacks the ability of a leader. It is not by PhD. His contenders have indicated that ” It has been established in the unwritten constitution of the world that no one with an emphasis ‘has the monopoly of violence, knowledge, speech and victory, even a pyrrhic one’. – ‘ Lakunle Jaiyesimi ( Embers Die In Twilight)


In all, my dear brothers and sisters, the time is now. Vote Right!


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