BEE-THROATED: Hannibal & Candela by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

hannibal candelaA decade

of flights

by this omnibus

wraps up into a big whole

this day and the next two

of may, twenty fifteen. I was there!


The Bass and the Soprano,

One anchored to the other.

It’s a dance to that shrine

of our fathers.

no windows, no exit

SEVERAL VISTAS, being the crust. I’ll walk you there!


Hannibal and Candela,

The bees take the plunge

down a throat; you’re bee-throated

And the throat suffers the pangs

But the bees keep digging.

Neither the pangs, nor the digging. Here’s your call!


but the creative force of the bees;

honey, sweet honey.

And for more decades to come,

May Olodumare and the forces of the higher realms

Grant your man a perpetual wallow in the hood

You are betrothed, I dare say, finally. May we walk and age together…


Labinnah, the trophy in white

Is well-deserved

having been won by fair play

but you had the following to say, in AGONIS (19/10/2013)

“Love is like sour grapes
It bites into the sensitive teeth of ego
A trade no one can become a master…

“This, a clarion call to my lost brothers…
Wake! Wake!! Wake!!!
From this slumber that fraternizes with your souls
The inexplicable delay, stoking the fire of exuberance
Snuggled into the most delicate marrow of your bones

Wake ‘Lakunle
Wake ‘Bode
Wake ‘Ekiko
Wake’ Keem
Wake ‘Hannibal

Wake from this slithering journey
Into the land with thousand miles
Wake with your hearts immerse in honey
Find a maiden festooned with random smiles
And break her pot on the way to the stream
Where the water washes clean the heartbreaks
Of yesterday”.

The First and the last names listed

Have heeded the call.

We know who’s next….


(This is dedicated to the public celebration of the marriage between Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi ‘Hannibal and Candela’ on the 7th/9th of May, 2015, Lagos)


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