Shoki for Change: Once upon a time by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

(As original published on the 1st of April, 2015)


IMG-20150401-WA0000Oh little flower, can I touch?

The air is cool and princely so,

Gliding through, like a piece

of fine cake no one can eat,

As my motherlan’ dances to a new home

Once upon a time, Abraham Lincoln…

Was the opening lines of the lesson of persistence,

But that will have to stop

And the new line will be

Once upon a time, Muhammadu Buhari…


With my crooked voice, I sing

However sweet; however sour,

To the calm mien of my man of the century, Prof. Attahiru Muhammadu Jega

For his steadfast approach to fixing Nigeria

As Nigeria begins a new count this 2015


Unlike this time,

‘A breath of fresh air’

has become luxury before and

after general elections, that

most have adapted to never having to breath.


Twas worse for the last ‘breath of fresh air’

Was actually stench, an assortment of it

Now, that phase is gone

Gone with the rain and the putrefiers and

thanks to the broom, who swings no mercy,



As we dance to a new home

Keep in the stacks the relics of

Akwa Ibom magic

Rivers’ insignificant watershed

Orubebe’s ignominy and desperation

The POWER of the people that have domiciled

for 16 years with the few, who never wished to leave


Now, change is here, and it’s for all

Let’s look to ‘governing and not ruling’

A ‘just and principled government’

Where there shall be no favouritism

Let’s look to ourselves to bring the final change

For here is that time…


A victory won with the blood of many

It is the best thing to happen to Nigeria

People died, and for them, Nigeria must survive

and grow

and live

and stretch to the ends of the world


Whatever time it is,

It’s time to dance Shoki; and Godwin

And if you know not how it is danced,

Hesitate not to inquire from Iteoluwakiisi

Going forward, Nigeria is set to dance on the world map


Welcome to A new home.


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