#Pausibility: An Altar Call For Fr. Kukah by Adebayo Coker

KukahDear Sir,

Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Although I have not written you letters in private that you refused to respond to, getting through to you through this medium is a matter of choice; a choice aimed at correcting the many banalities flying around about your most esteemed office.

I fell in love with your classic elocution and outspokenness when I was in my late teens during the Oputa Panel. You sat as the secretary of that Reconciliation Panel. Now I am in my mind 30s.

Last week I had wanted to write this same note to you but somehow I (voluntarily) invoked a Writer’s block because I was still doubtful of the identity of the man shown on national TV as being the Father Kukah I used to know. I even wrote on my Facebook page: If every other member of the Peace Committee would try to talk President Buhari out of his anti-corruption crusade, definitely Father Kukah would not be one of them.

At another time, I had thought of seeking some exorcists to help conjure the ‘unfamiliar’ spirit that was taking over your body, causing you to make those statements I heard from you, because my Kukah would not be a confused spokesperson for a Committee that beatifies grand larceny against the Nigerian state, especially the masses. He would ordinarily fight the cause of the commoners with the last pint of his blood albeit his own living is bought and paid for by droppings from the Vatican.

Impulsively I was disappointed when it dawned on me that it is my dear Kukah and no one else; my Kukah had joined the elders that have altered the altar of God. I really wanted to write on how anyone may have tremendously benefited from such grand larceny to warrant his/her open endorsement of such crime against humanity as a whole.

Sir, I went through a series of self-mortification from which the confidence I have to send this note in the long run sprouted. I had to ask myself why I was still arrogating a dint of conviction of infallibility to some systems and some people. I am sure yourself heard the ROBUST explanation of the 78million naira website: nothing more disheartening your ‘original’ self would say, just as I know your ‘original’ self would have joined many Nigerians in asking if Madam Diezani would have been ‘bedridden’ today had her former boss continued his stay in Aso Rock. But on a closer look, I found out that truly there is no one like Jesus. He is the only one that could walk through the Temple unblemished. This recent realization of mine didn’t just come that easily.

There is a common saying in Christendom: What Would Jesus Do? He would have called out to any ‘deviant’, opened His arms wide in Love so that no sheep would be lost; but He would not ask God to grant a Triumphal Entry to Lucifer because he is a great singer.

We all have our peculiar inadequacies and these our human weaknesses can manifest themselves at anytime, anywhere if not checked (many take epicureanism as the ultimate goal of life). It just so happened that yours recently came out on national television which put you in the same category as any Orubebe of this world. Some people said it happened that way because for some time now, you have been rolling with one empty CAN leader (please read: https://pausibility.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/pausibility-parable-of-the-crucifix-adebayo-coker/  )  They are syllogizing with the sheep and the dog tale. (I hope you have not met any Mr. Halliburton neither was your cassock borrowed on any trip to South Africa recently?). I’ve read so many other tales some of which I am sure could not have escaped your eyes and ears, but I will urge you sir, not to attune yourself to such medleys.

Some people are waiting for some I-am-sorry notes from you before they can even touch you with a very long meter pole at all. Some have even given you a leper-treat by outright ostracization. To tender an apology, I am sure, is never an easy task just as it wasn’t easy for the Oba that threatened immersion during the last election because in this part of the world; eyin agba re san ju oju agba lo. I understand that plight and I wouldn’t want to yoke you with such. But one step that I will not encourage you to miss is the next altar call in your church. Even if you are the one that made that call, I will implore you to join in, humble yourself before the Lord your Creator and beg for His forgiveness. You may as well do it in your privacy: God seeks genuine repentance of heart. Restitution is very good as well, as it brings complete peace of mind to the seeker; it is best done when you return ALL you have ‘taken'(crookedly or otherwise). “The Lord hath no pleasure in the death of a sinner”. Let me add, Nigerians hath no pleasure in the death of a looter. There is great joy and fulfillment in our land for every looter that returns our money.

Please turn away from this path you are treading. It leads nowhere but…

Thank you sir.

Yours faithfully,

Adebayo Coker


‘Debayo Coker is a wordsmith. Societal Fragments, A Man Like Me: Noteography Of A Father To His Son, and Wobbled Worlds are his published works. He blogs at www.pausibility.wordpress.com, @adebay_c, debayocoker@gmail.com.

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