Snookums by B. Jaiyesimi

LakunleI searched deep within, for days without end, for a word, phrase or clause to express how I feel.

But lo, I came to realize, describing how I feel about you will be too mighty for words to express.

So here I sit beside the window, with the scorching sun hungrily munching my tender skin.


I gaze out and am lost in thoughts and then it hits me, this is what you are to me:

You are the sky over me, housing the moon, sun and the starsLakunle2


The sun: keeping me warm and well catered for

The moon: calming me down and letting me know everything will be alright

The stars: packaging me and making me ever so attractive for the whole world to see.


When I gaze into your eyes I have not a fear in the world, they are like David’s Stone and Slingshot, giveLakunle3 me the confidence to face every obstacle no matter how great.

I never could have imagined how better my life will be from the moment I met you.








If only the world were filled with thousands of you, the world would definitely be a better place.Lakunle5

Am so glad, that “I”, “We” have the “one” of you that there is.Lakunle6Lakunle7








And so from the bottom of my heart and with the deepest of passion I wish you the best of God in your new age. My singular prayer for you is this: Divine Grace.

Happy Birthday Snookums.Lakunle8


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