THE BOND II by Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal

When the sky breaks into pockets of inflamed cloud
And rumble like the bowel of an insatiable glutton
Restless tongues relate lucid tales of distant lands
Where dreams float aimlessly
To be planted and harvested at leisure

Then tomorrow is finally here!
You were at variance with the world
If the world care less about giving to the poor
You were at par with all hues of wars
If justice is what is sought
You asked where I belong
I belong to the path you have taken
The warped routes you charted with your bare hands
Where thorns tore through your naked feet
And sweats creased through your hairy brows
I belong to your selfless exploits
Wading through jaded nights
Dreams so ultra pedestrian
That kindle slumbering lights
Like Damon, you stood in place for me
At King Dionysius’s hangman noose
That should I not return
You would also take the shots
The world wondered
What love?
What bond?
Like Phythia, I have been to the end of the world
Where pregnant sorrows birthed strife
I have eaten nodal herbs
Where Mephistopheles resides
Yet, against tempestuous winds I returned
Stuttering along to the King’s court
Not so much to save our necks
But to prove words are bonds.
…words that bolt across silent seas
Sealing unbridled tongues.
(Another in the series of the Legend of elnukaL)
Dedicated to a brother, ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi, on the ocassion of his birth anniversary.

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