LEGEND OF EL-NUKAL by Adeojo Kolawole Adeyemi Hannibal

Resultado de imagem para HephaestusWith a million smiles from the heart and many more
I bring you evergreen tales from forever land
With arms wide opened, stretching into the core
I brought stories of adventures from the wild
Between Scylla and Charybdis
When the muscles are flaccid and weary
And men draw wrought rivalry

Between loose lines and close affinities
I, the receiver of favour
Staggered through the portals of Thermopylae
Coated in filial vesicles.
You; the giver of favour
Stood guard at the strait of Scylla
With eyes bleeding in loyalty
You are Hephaestus, the sage, firing the furnace
On the anvil, beating the ore into shape
I am the unrefined ore
Purified through the furnace of your imagination
You,the son of Alchemist of old; the mythical Hermes
In meticulous dexterity, in the loin of crusts
Crystallizes friend’s basal essence
Into hermetic bond
You taught,
You direct,
You fought,
You affect
Little lives
Till they harvest
Bountiful fruits
From little seeds they harnessed
El-Nukal, the warrior!
I sat gazing at your battle scars
Cicatrix of brotherhood appearing as gains
Of your too many acts of selflessness
Then I remember, it is not sacrifice
That which comes at no pains
The Legend of El-NukaL continues: The 8th series
*(To a brother, ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi on the occasion of his birthday)*

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