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witchh“How can there be anything which has no cause?”- Philebus.

My dear country is fast being plunged southward by these libertinage politicians that we have, but my major pain is that most of us have decided to just watch as these debauchees take us for a ride. There is nothing much we can do at this time but being steady and stalwart. We all must do what we must do to change the situations that we don’t like.  Our cumulative efforts will yield expected results and we will live as the good human beings that we are only if we will stop these crabbers.

Allow me quote extensively from the book of my good friend, Ayo Dada, The Sage:

A uniformed man, who was hastening towards his point of call, mindlessly shoved aside the devotee…

Scared at the sight of the brute, the devotee gave way and bitterly hurled at the fleeing man:

“Karma will get the better part of you!” Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: THE WITCH CRIED, THE CHILD DIED by Adebayo Coker