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Nigeria-RevolutionIt is with much sadness, I believe, that we have, together, watched our country inexorably degenerate into a total fiasco in the over 60 years of its independence. What is more painful and disheartening is the fact that our crops of politicians are those who have not learnt any notable lessons from the country’s past or the current events around the world nor get moved by the tears and agonies of the oppressed Nigerian souls who constitute the majority of the entire Nigerian population. Perhaps, they either don’t read what the papers and social media reveal each day about their misconducts (I want to believe) or they read them aloof while we read a posteriori, or they are just too busy looting every aspect of our economy with the very worst form of predilection for pilfering that they’ve become so deaf to and unmoved by the cries of the oppressed, and thus fail to call to mind the realities of history and current times. Continue reading DEAR NIGERIANS, IT IS TIME TO ACT by Yemi Czar

Ah-ah-ing assets of the World’s Richest President


The  President wey rich pass for the world na Sultan of Brunei and em name na Hassan .

According to Wikipedia, “Brunei (officially the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace)‎ is a sovereign state located on the north coast of the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia.59109228-sultan-brunei

Hassan dey use gold in every single thing since dem born am. Eats only with golden spoons,forks and knifes and all of em clothes dey covered with gold and silver. Continue reading Ah-ah-ing assets of the World’s Richest President