Nigeria-RevolutionIt is with much sadness, I believe, that we have, together, watched our country inexorably degenerate into a total fiasco in the over 60 years of its independence. What is more painful and disheartening is the fact that our crops of politicians are those who have not learnt any notable lessons from the country’s past or the current events around the world nor get moved by the tears and agonies of the oppressed Nigerian souls who constitute the majority of the entire Nigerian population. Perhaps, they either don’t read what the papers and social media reveal each day about their misconducts (I want to believe) or they read them aloof while we read a posteriori, or they are just too busy looting every aspect of our economy with the very worst form of predilection for pilfering that they’ve become so deaf to and unmoved by the cries of the oppressed, and thus fail to call to mind the realities of history and current times.

Many great thinkers before this time have produced countless literary works to show that the people are suffering. They have, in those critical stuffs, largely tried to expose the ugly realities of our time as well as chart diverse possible solutions to the problems. Rather than appraising them for such intellectual patriotism they exuded, our leaders castigated them and labeled them chauvinist in its nastiest style. In fact, some of the earlier African writers, who produced literary works that lamented the decadence that befell the continent after colonialism, mostly revealing to the readers the disillusion that befell the people as a result of political corruption and failure of leadership, were tortured and jailed for this cause. Needless to say many more were even killed in the struggle to better our nation. There were, however, others who rather than dwell on their socio-political and cultural reality to explain their contemporary problems went back into the history of their people to find when and how the trouble with Nigeria began. This is to say that creative Nigerians have done a lot to demonstrate the trouble with Nigeria and have proven in words scribbled down on papers how to make this nation great. Yet, these efforts have been frustrated by these creatures who rule us. Hence, these works couldn’t change things preponderantly. Therefore, at this juncture, I strongly feel it’s time to change the strategies of engagement. To better this nation can’t be done by feeble minds but forcefully, for even the Kingdom of God suffers violence and only violent people take it by force, so that bible verse reads.

Everyone is now in the same boat, faced with the disappointment of our leaders to realise post-independence dreams. Here we are again, like our fathers before us who have written vastly, we have also become social critics of our own government, criticizing and making noises each day about the unfortunate methods of running the affairs of this nation. But this style and effort, like those before us employed, seemed destined to change nothing. Noises on papers don’t effect change. Noise borne out of forceful actions does. Eviscerating the bad system portends more effect.

The impunity with which Nigeria is run is worrisome that one question which seems to rise to the surface is: Is this the way countries that have developed into great nations of the world are run? I doubt that! Japhet Omojuwa’s sarcastic piece: ‘How to Run a Country’ has demonstrated it all. It provided for all of us exactly how this country is being run with impunity, and the danger in such running is that nothing good will ever come out of Nigeria’s mode of governance unless we – the people – irrespective of religious and ethnic background rise to the challenges of this critical time and attempt to forcefully change the course of history of this nation, for good.

Dear Nigerians, I must say that there are countless reasons why I believe that revolution will change the face of this country for good (even though many will not agree). One of my reasons is that revolution has a way of sounding a forceful realistic warning shot into the psyche of whoever dreams of leading the people. Such person will quickly learn from the past and thus be forced to attune to the changes at hand. Not only does revolution certainly remove unwanted leader(s) and change it with who the people want, it also rests the major power in the collective decision of the masses.

It is however natural for humans to indulge in the illusions of hope. Therefore, it is also natural for Nigerians to shut their eyes against the painful truth that little or nothing can be achieved without the use of force. Here in Nigeria, we have always been made to believe that we can pray forever for good things to happen and that they will happen ‘one day.’ Now, that is magic (although they will argue in support of miracle) which is a gullible perception that lacks any relevance with reality. The question is: how many countries have evolved out of magic, nay, and miracle? Those religious perpetrators, who disguisedly profess the name of God for their own end, nauseate me. They have caused many souls to fall prey to their masquerading-cleric’s shenanigan display of disregard and empathy for human souls. This is Nigeria; a country led by myopic, bigot, debauched, ruinous, shameless, corrupt, substandard, thoughtless, laughable, pitiful and what-negative-adjective-have-you beings. Any deep negative adjective is apt to describe the set of people who are ensconced in Nigeria’s corridor of power. Whenever they open their mouth to speak about the unfortunate situation of the country, they are bound to make unreasonable and uncritical expressions that would make you want to stone them or seal their mouths forever. They’re cursed to always pollute the atmosphere. And in actions, it is next to the behaviours of mad men who have lost all consciousness and conscience and as such lack every reasonable emotion.

Needless to say that every aspect of Nigerian socio-political life is bad, through the executive, legislative to the judiciary arms of government, terrible and cruel methods pervade their thought process. The sets of people there are rotten criminal elements. There has never been any ground-breaking achievements recorded by our lawmakers in improving the lives of the Nigerian people, instead they have caused every calamity that has befallen the nation in more than her 60 years of its unified existence. The set of people that have been ruling us since independence are still the set of people ruling us now with a few injections of bad elements into the enclave of their petty larceny. Both the Senate and Federal House of Representatives are full of animals from the same political parties (even though they claim to belong to different political parties, I see no difference in their parade.) And in most of their dealings, they satisfy the demands of their wretched and corrupt stomach as well as their party needs more than the lives of the people they were mandated to represent. Our state assemblies are nothing different. They are there to establish and sustain the interest of their governors or powers that be at the federal level. In short, they are there for themselves. The only thing they do in these houses is to eat from the national cake and nothing more as nothing else matters to them.

Nigerian governors are as cold as ice, souls who apparently do not care about the masses. With the threatening situation of unemployment in the country, very many of them are yet to publicly advertise vacancies. Some of them have been voted in for a second term in office and they will still not think of employing. The few positions that exist in the ministries and teaching service seem forever opened as they would rather embezzle the funds meant to be paid as salaries to intending qualified workers than to do the right thing. One of those governors in the southwest, after almost six years in office without any credible employment, began to make noise recently via radio and the internet that he is employing 2000 people into the state’s secondary schools. While some other governors have even employed triple of what he makes unpleasing noises about. These are schools that would need over 15000 teachers. These are schools that have become places befitting for old buffoons to study, schools that the last time they had avant-garde teachers would be about 10yrs back. These are mere dilapidated buildings that near collapse, weak buildings that were left unrenovated for purportedly ‘mega schools’, schools that are no schools, schools that most of the teachers are bound for retirement in very few years’ time are the sets of schools in the state. And yet, the governor would beat the drums of his “achievements” throughout the state’s radio and televisions which have lost every sense of being stations. Propaganda and cheap campaign of calumny have become the other of the day in Nigeria’s mode of governance. It is time to ask hard-thought questions like: Where are we even going in this country? What do we stand to achieve with all these nonsense? Are we just going to keep on folding our arms as these corrupt leaders drag this nation to abyss or take the bull by the horn and deal with these problems openly? People, It is time to act.

  • Recently, Ayo Oritsejafor’s jet was seized in South Africa with about 9.3million dollars on board. A man of God who claims to be representing Jesus Christ in Nigeria caught in the wilderness of sin and arms dealing, a thief who should be in prison along with others of that ilk who do God’s will under the disguise of enriching their pockets is allowed to continue his duty as the president of CAN and with no moral sense of honour of stepping down first to clear his name, his ilk offer out-of-place explanation on behalf of him while he sits glued to that oval seat. What a shame dragging the name of God in the mud!!!
  • Our sets of leaders in every area of Nigerian life are the ones guilty of mutiny and should face a firing squad and not the Maimalari 12 who were accused of mutiny and reported to have opened fire on their GOC. That law that convicted them is a faulty law. Speaking from a humanitarian angle, they are not the most guilty to receive that sentence. They were not the ones meant to stand trial. These looters are the ones who should stand trial instead. Say the masses are the legal authority who hold power (unfortunately the masses don’t realise that), can’t we also say our politicians have been given order to represent the interest of the nation which they have disobeyed? Does it not suffice to say they should stand trial for mutiny and be punished severely too?



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    A great piece calling for action by Nigerians. Enough of sitting down and been content with the little or nothing that comes our way largely by chance. “The host of heaven suffereth violence; and only the violent taketh it by force”.

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