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I have not been too frequent on social media lately as I have been going through a self- prescribed curative therapy, aimed at purging myself of ‘textiety’, as I was fondly glued to the internet mainly through my phones; but here I am well drowned in a deluge of messages that have flooded my handles, some of which are soliciting my opinion on some national issues; but before I settle down to that, let me digress a bit.

I had thought it is only in Nollywood that we witness watery rushes of a lazy coloration of our common sense, until last weekend when I came in contact with a certain man, whose introduction threw me into crestfallenness, followed by resounding laughter. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: PROLIFERATION OF NONSENSE by Adebayo Coker


TwImg-20140827-121643Last week, I asked that a good Nollywood producer contact me so that I give him/her a nice script that could make a blockbuster but none came forth.  Today, I want to display a bit of what I have in stock.

My dear reader, (peradventure you are campaigner of #30PercentOrNothing), I am not being tendentious or quaint here, but I will like us to learn as we read this didactic story. Let me add, it is only for discerning minds.

Nikangan became a widow as a result of one of those Kirakita wars that hit the village of Kagbepo. Her nephew, Ohunnikanloku also became an orphan. Nikangan lost everything but was able to escape, being consumed by the Continue reading  #PAUSIBILITY:  HOPEFUL MIRAGE by Adebayo Coker