Designer babies don enter town. You too can have one…like a Dan Foster kinda baby…


Correct babies

Now, everybody fit customize dem own baby.

One kind company, The Fertility Institutes don dey customize babies wey get special attributes or edge.

Dem claim say we never see anything and say plenty trips still dey on the way as science dey improve.









But some countries dey vex say “this is against moral and ethical practice”.

Whether you like am or you no like am, these designer babies don land.

You wan a baby wey dey black, very black or white, very white? Or shey na baby wey fine, beautiful, handsome, mildly handsome or gruesomely handsome? Now, you fit get am!

Which kind baby you want? Dan Foster kind?

Tu Baba (so “Nothing dey happen”)







or D’banj (for the Oyato thinzzz)



Well, you fit even like to get C. Ronaldo kinda baby right?





Whatever kinda baby wey you want, you fit customize am before the thing get inside em mama belle.




Unless na our Papa, Obj type (as in, ehm…ehm…)










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