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The Memoirs of Yomi “d drunk”, Very Short Story by Chibundo Ubachukwu

This piece was written by Chibundo Ubachukwu and published on a sister site on the 21st of November, 2011. Then, it probably meant just a piece. Today, in retrospect, when next I encounter Chibundo, who incidentally is a Pharmacist, I’ll salute him like he was a Prophet.

“Dear President Goodluck Jonathan,

My name is Yomi Smart. Bimpe (my wife) says I’m incapable of rational thought because I’m a drunk. Silly rabbit, what does she know? Sadly, a prophet has no honour in his own house. But all my friends can confirm that I give the best of advice when under the influence. Also, my wife thinks you are a hypocritical politician – you have my permission to arrest her. On the other hand, I still see you as a leader who can jump start some necessary change in Nigeria. I hope you do! Continue reading The Memoirs of Yomi “d drunk”, Very Short Story by Chibundo Ubachukwu

Education Anywhere – Underprivileged Indian Children Attend Outdoor School under a Bridge


Rajesh Kumar Sharma, 40, from New Delhi, started a makeshift school under a metro bridge, where em dey teach children from slums wey no get money to attend better schools. Em belief na say education na the most important weapon for India’s youth, and if they no get am, dem dey doomed for life.

No walls or desks, just the bridge dey act as protecting roof in case of rain, and three squares wey dem paint black and used as blackboards. the story na blah blah blah…download

1,998 widows registered for marriage. Bachelors, where ART thou?

downloadSo far, 1998 widows have been registered by the Zamfara State Government in preparation to marry them off.

It was the Commissioner for Ministry for Women and Children Affairs of Zamfara State, Hajia Balkisu Bungudu, that said it. has said. She also stressed the fact that the marriage would be sponsored by the state government. The is due to the increasing number of widows in the state. Some, about 120 of them had found suitors but their marriages had been delayed due to lack of funds.

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Transcript for Connecticut Shooting: Motivations Behind Mass Shootings

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“Today’s tragedy comes on the heels of that other mass shooting 72 hours ago in the mall filled with holiday shoppers outside portland. This singular tragedy in newtown, joining the ranks of the other dark days, coe, tus an, aurora. Pierre thomas now tells us what the experts say they see when they look at the men behind these massacres.

Reporter: The virginia tech A shooting spree in tucson, arizona –six dead. 12 killed at a colorado movie theater. Mass murder conducted by a lone gunmen.

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Heartless killing of children in Connecticut. Mysteries…

download (6)When scienttists yarn say all man dey craze, I doubt if dem think of this man.

The guy just walka enter one secondary school,  Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday for Newtown, Connecticut (according to CNN) and begin shoot. Na 20 children and 6 adults he kill, including the school principal, Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach. 

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Reports yarn say he kill himself and em mother sef.


What level of craziness person go call that? Developed or developing or underdeveloped?

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Designer babies don enter town. You too can have one…like a Dan Foster kinda baby…


Correct babies

Now, everybody fit customize dem own baby.

One kind company, The Fertility Institutes don dey customize babies wey get special attributes or edge.

Dem claim say we never see anything and say plenty trips still dey on the way as science dey improve.









But some countries dey vex say “this is against moral and ethical practice”.

Whether you like am or you no like am, these designer babies don land.

You wan a baby wey dey black, very black or white, very white? Or shey na baby wey fine, beautiful, handsome, mildly handsome or gruesomely handsome? Now, you fit get am!

Which kind baby you want? Dan Foster kind?

Tu Baba (so “Nothing dey happen”)







or D’banj (for the Oyato thinzzz)



Well, you fit even like to get C. Ronaldo kinda baby right?





Whatever kinda baby wey you want, you fit customize am before the thing get inside em mama belle.




Unless na our Papa, Obj type (as in, ehm…ehm…)