Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist



RADIO SHOW:   Good Morning Naija

STATION:             MeroëRadio

TIME:                    25 hours G.M.T. every single day, no be small thing

Today’s Issue:    Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

I welcome you to another episode of the radio show, ‘Good Morning, Naija’ on MeroëRadio. This episode go bam. We wan focus small on wetin dem dey call Injustice as the thing recently affect one small part of an ogbonge profession of we country, Naija. That profession na Pharmacy.

Wetin dem dey call injustice?

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary, injustice na “the fact of a situation being unfair and of people not being treated equally.”

So, wetin concern us for this matter sef; injustice, pharmacy? Well, me sef no know o. All wetin I know na say e get one Pharmacy like that wey dem dey call HealthPlus. Na the magodo branch for Lagos the injustice happen. And na against the Pharmacist wey dey work  for there e happen.

The antenna of MeroëRadio, na em catch the news on Sunday, 2nd December, 2012. The antenna see robbers, daredevils, as dem dey enter the Magodo branch of the popular Lagos Pharmacy retail shop, HealthPlus.

The robbers dem mean business true true. Na case of “your money or your life”. In fact, I sure say na wetin dem ask the Pharmacist be that, although me I no hear wetin dem talk. Na dem mouth I just see wey dey shake.

That Pharmacist in-charge na very stubborn goat. E be like say life don tire the guy sef. Em response na “my life”. Because the guy no gree give the robbers the key to the safe where money dey, e dey stupid. Thank God say dem no kill am. The robbers use dem church-mind. God bless them!

This Pharmacist, wetin dem call em name sef, I no know…yes, Pharmacist X. Na the kind person wey our Nigeria Government suppose dey give national award be that. Abi wetin you say I talk? The guy love em oga reach make he ready to sacrifice em own life for the money of em Oga. Na patriotism be that abi na stupidity?

For you to know say the robbers dem mean business, dem shoot one customer (na person wey sick be that o, wey come to buy drug to heal himself. For say em know, he for don sit down for house, if the sickness go kill am, make the thing kuku kill am. Abi?) and dem steal one car take run commot.

Ah, listeners at home. I hope say you dey enjoy we yarn for here. Make I sammer you one correct music make you take relax. Majek Fashek’s “Send down the rain”.


FX: Musical break. SEND DOWN THE RAIN. [Sing along]

You are welcome back. No be small thing!

So, na so the robbers carry money and car go, leaving one shot person behind and a fidgety Pharmacist, stubborn and of course, retrospectively stupid.

Na wetin come happen after the incident na em funny pass. Funny? No. Sad. Sad? No. Disheartening. Disheartening? No. Crazy! The Madam Owner (M.O.) or shey na M.D. you wan call the owner of HealthPlus? Okay. Madame Director (M.D.). No ask me for her name o because I no know. lAkUnLeScReWs no get money to pay for damages if person carry me go court.

After the incident, the M.D. begin to dey suspect the Pharmacist say whether na em invite thief to come steal for her shop. M.D. na yoruba woman just like lAkUnLeScReWs. And we believe in a Yoruba proverb wey be “Bi iku ile ko ba pa’ni, ti ode ko le pa’ni” . That means, “If person no dey inside wey dey do you, nobody fit come from outside to come do you.”

Na so Pharmacist X wey sacrifice em life for the shop dey expect recognition and praises from Madame Owner on his bravery and sacrifice but wetin em get? Madame Owner arrange make police gbab my guy, Pharmacist X. Dem throw the guy for inside Cell (abi na detention, jail, back of counter?)

Sacrificial Pharmacist X don dey detention since then till now without charge. Em November salary, Madame Owner never pay. December don dey run. Na so people dey spoil other people lives o. This na one reason why lAkUnLeScReWs no fit work with such persons apart from em current Oga.

Sacrifice yourself for person wey ready to sacrifice you totally for em own gain. Na wa o.

M.O. don try activate investigations into the matter. Kudos. E for better make dem release Pharmacist X from detention and make dem pay em November salary make the guy guy fit arrange em life proper, I beg.

Listeners at home, our call line dey open. Call to let us know wetin you reason. Your reason dey important to us.

Once again, this show na Good Morning, Naija on MeroëRadio.

Till we meet again next time, no do wahala o.


You are black. You are beautiful.

The strength of the black man lies in the texture, the integrity and the radiance of his skin.

His veins flow with the blood of covenant;

a covenant that has built temples and pyramids through ages past.

A covenant that strides ahead to gather blessings from the future.

You are black. You are no lesser than human. You are no second citizen of the Universe.

You are black. The world is in chaos because you have not risen.

You are black. The world needs you. Gradually….

One step at a time…

One person at a time…

You are black. You became the President of the United States…

You are black. You became the Secretary General of the United Nations…

You are black. You became the Vice Chancellor of the Southern University, New Orleans…

You are black. You became mayor in Ireland…

You are black. You became the best 100 meter racer in the world.

You are black. You can achieve everything that everyone else can achieve.

You are black. Just believe….

9 thoughts on “Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist”

  1. Well as for me I no blame the madam oo bcos nigerian are too sharp oo nan so my driver carry my moto go sell am com dey tell me say armed carry am .by the time I eke carry am omo nan sell e go sell my moto . Buh I no talk say make dem do am bad oo but he is a suspect . Eke can him too . As per salary make madam pay salary ooo abi waiting the guy children go chop as we are holiday season .

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