Heartless killing of children in Connecticut. Mysteries…

download (6)When scienttists yarn say all man dey craze, I doubt if dem think of this man.

The guy just walka enter one secondary school,  Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday for Newtown, Connecticut (according to CNN) and begin shoot. Na 20 children and 6 adults he kill, including the school principal, Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach. 

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Reports yarn say he kill himself and em mother sef.


What level of craziness person go call that? Developed or developing or underdeveloped?

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2 thoughts on “Heartless killing of children in Connecticut. Mysteries…”

  1. Insane. Senseless. Wat a loss
    I hear say one lady Victoria hide her class children dem insyd closets & cabinets. She come lie for the shooter say dem children dey for gym. Na im the guy shoot the heroic Victoria but the children dem dey alive now. My prayer na make BabaGod bless Madam Victoria soul o. And if she get her own children plenty blessings for dia head o IJN

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