Update: Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist

The following na the story wey the MD of the Pharmacy outlet, HealthPlus Magodo, wey robbers attack recently yarn about the incident. Read and make your own conclusions…


“Dear All, this information should have come earlier, but we were waiting on the police to make progress with their investigation, so that we give accurate information. On Sun 2 Dec, armed robbers attacked Magodo Branch. A customer was shot in the foot (he is ok), personal items, cash, walking sticks, perfumes & cash were stolen. A customer’s car was driven away (its been found). Another’s car keys were taken. An unfortunate incidence indeed.

Our Guard did not report to our CSO neither did he report to his Prudential Guard. He disregarded SOPs. By Tue 4 Dec, we watched the CCTV recording & the 1st observation was that the recording started when the robbers were already inside the store. The feedback was that the Pharmacist on duty switched off the CCTV so that the robbers will not damage it, but that he later switched it on. If this was the case,we would have seen the beginning of the shift @about 10am.We would have seen the normal activities till the 2 robbers came in, then the CCTV recording would have switched off. Instead, recording started when thieves were in. The Manager was asked if CCTV gets switched off normally & she said NO but an HCA said that Taiwo usually switches off CCTV on his shift. Taiwo’s former boss called him a thief as she too was robbed under very suspicious circumstances amongst others issues
The case was reported to the Police & Taiwo was arrested last Friday, the Guard was arrested on Tuesday. We have encouraged the police to be professional and to hasten the speed of investigation. In almost 14 years of running the business, a Pharmacist has never been detained but this case is peculiar: it is an armed robbery case, hence treated specially by police. The police must carry out their duties. We will cooperate with them. Regards.”

One thought on “Update: Injustice against a drug man, addict, dealer, pusher or just a druggist”

  1. Good security were not up doing. Were the security equipped enough, to call cso when armed robbers are facing them with guns no! Thank God they were not killed that would be another story. A supermarket or mall should have what is called surveillance not on uniform to move around in disguise. If that was in place may be they would have suspected those robbers and informed police or cso. So we can’t blame those security too much. But the pharmacist that put off the CCTV should be arrested and persecuted becos his action is very bad. Let alone rob ERS won’t have time for CCTV they can blow it up but the memory would still be there untouched. So may God save us from them all in Jesus name amen.

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