Nigerian Youths wake up

The following lines are not mine. Rather, they are the lines of an unknown (remember the unknown soldier? This one has to be the unknown Youth). They just dropped into/unto my phone as a broadcast message and I chose to share the thinking of the Nigerian youth with the readers of lAkUnLeScReWs around the world. Please, smile…

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“Nigerian Youths wake up>:O, We have no oda country xcept Nigeria, We hv been suffering in silence while our Leaders put our future in deir bank accounts. Ђôẃ long are we gonna stay lyk this? How can sum1 go to skool, suffer to graduate #:-s and at the end no job. You are almost 40 and still your future is as bleak as a dark room..:( Did ur parents send u to school to sit at home bcos our Government have failed us??. Let us come out one day and say No.:| We must not remain like this, we all cannot travel abroad jst to find a better lyf, our beta life is here in our country. We have the Money, Oil and Resources but only a selected few have continue to suck it dry why we keep believing God for a change, wake up now I challenge you. We need 500,000 youths in each of the 36states to challenge the Government. We say NO, we will destroy this country and rebuild it afresh, we will Kill those who stand on our way as they are considered the enemy..>:O A man cannot have billions of naira while millions of youths roam the streets every day looking for daily bread. Our young men must not all be kidnappers, robbers or Yahoo boiz, our young girls must not all be prostitutes(Okpo, olosho,runs gurl). Get Ready I tell you. The time has come for us to react, the only way our Government listens is violence, they have shown it to the Niger delta militants and now they are planning to show it to the Boko Haram..Whereas a simple gesture of N20,000 per month to the unemployed is rejected, while Youth Corpers who spent 4-6yrz in the university collect N19,800. and you pay militants N75,000 per month. How much do they pay as minimum wage? How much do they pay to elected officers, we are going to revolt..Nigeria will burn to be rebuilt again like Libya, Iraq Egypt and Tunisia…please spread this message unless you want to die in poverty in a country where God has destined all of us to be happy and properious.

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Youths wake up”

  1. While this is true, there is need for revolution. Some of the statements are wild generalizations. e.g. “A man cannot have billions of naira while millions of youths roam the streets every day looking for daily bread.” is not true. While it is true that a lot of billionaires cannot tell us they made their fortune legitimately, there are clean millionaires and billionaires sef in nigeria. If I ask the author of this piece about his own desires and plans should opportunities open up for him, I guess he probably will not leave out becoming a billionaire. Should this be true (the statement I lifted) then eventually everyone will be poor or at least miserably average. No society really exists on average.
    I applaud this piece and I really think there can be better ways to get the ‘ogas at the top to listen to the people” other than violence because while violence is proven to rid the bad ones, reconstruction may never happen.

    1. Hello Jamiu, I can’t agree with you any less. But I wish we can direct our sympathy at those among us who may have close to nothing (economically and especially as they perceive their own situation) and who imagine daily the victimisation against them. It is almost no use speaking for the few middle-class who can fend for themselves, albeit with ome hardship.
      I also agree with the fact that there are other means available to restructure our community (I hope that won’t necessarily be secession). We only need to wait for that reality.
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  2. I am PauLy Okpere, i put up this piece, i am the author of this piece. i got here when i typed my piece on google and it landed me here. This is not a lie as many might be thinking already. you can visit my page below to verify.

    Why is violence the way to get heard in Nigeria? i did not just sum it up as the only viable way but when i studied the way militants made their voices heard, when i studied the way boko haram are going, one would begin to wonder, is taking up arms the only way Federal government of Nigeria listens to the people? Youths have been marginalized, trampled and uncatred for in a country that earns 224million dollars per day. This is not acceptable. Many of us might be comfortable with the stipends we get from our parents or that posh office we occupy because our parents, relatives or friends connected us to that position or perhaps we even got there ourselves. But it is not same for more that 78million people out there and youths forms the bulk of this figure. Many have left school and served the Nation through NYSC and are still struggling to find their bearing for as long as 8yrs. Why would Gangote need Bsc drivers and Phd’s are applying? why would an MBA holder resort to okada riding in Nigeria? that is because he hasnt got where to ply his degrees? There simply no jobs. No one is talking about it? No one is fighting to remedy the unemployment monster’s disease.

    It behoves on us the youths to come out and demand what is right for us. we deserve to be part and parcel of the goverment and the national blessing.

    i will stop here because i have to get to a meeting shortly……………..

    1. You have it to say sir. Thanks
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