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Nigerian Youths wake up

The following lines are not mine. Rather, they are the lines of an unknown (remember the unknown soldier? This one has to be the unknown Youth). They just dropped into/unto my phone as a broadcast message and I chose to share the thinking of the Nigerian youth with the readers of lAkUnLeScReWs around the world. Please, smile…

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“Nigerian Youths wake up>:O, We have no oda country xcept Nigeria, We hv been suffering in silence while our Leaders put our future in deir bank accounts. Ђôẃ long are we gonna stay lyk this? How can sum1 go to skool, suffer to graduate #:-s and at the end no job. You are almost 40 and still your future is as bleak as a dark room..:( Did ur parents send u to school to sit at home bcos our Government have failed us??. Continue reading Nigerian Youths wake up

How to ‘love in the time of war’


This is no playing Gabriel García Márquez but a pretension of the neo-literate (nay monomaniac) ‘elite’ understanding of the subject of love. Say romanticism if you like, there’s always a trap!


Very quickly, let’s together situate love in the time of war. The soldier and his wife! In the time of war, the soldier is expected to head for the front, leaving the home-front to his wife (or would you say ‘to her husband’ if the soldier in this case were a lady? Of course!)


For convenience, we should be content with the first possibility where the soldier is a man. Here, the soldier is expected to make for the front, leaving home. However, will ‘our’ soldier leave home if he is ‘truly’ in love with his wife? To die? Or to live….

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