Abortion@OAU: ‘Stubborn’ baby refused to be flushed down a female hostel toilet

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It was just dawning and no one would have suspected to find blood stain, talk not of a new born baby, in the toilet of the female hostel in a University. But that’s exactly what happened at Moremi Hostel of the Obafemi Awolowo University in the early hours of Wednesday, 19th of June, 2013.


First, the callous act of a thief, who crept into the said female hostel served as a major concern for most of the residents of the hall as they woke up one after the other. He stole items including laptops and was about breaking into another room when he was sighted and an alarm raised. He vanished. Who knows, he probably was just a harbinger to the heroic baby’s arrival.

At 6a.m., the usual time for cleaners‘ resumption, a female cleaner (our baby’s ogbonge saviour) resumed duty without an idea what she was destined to find and to save. Approaching her duty-station (a toilet) to begin cleaning, she noticed blood on the floor of the toilet and a female student (of course) locked in. She had imagined the blood was menstrual blood, so she left and returned about an hour later.


The door of the toilet was still locked with the female student inside. It was when she started hearing a baby’s cry that she knew something was amiss. She unlocked the door forcefully. And boy…what did she find? The female student had sticks and buckets of water with which to flush down the baby. Did I hear you say callous?   Trust some babies, this one was exceptionally stubborn. It refused to be flushed by a wicked mother.


Maybe not wicked, but confused as the Internet community is already aware that her name is Oyin (simply) and a Part 4 student of Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the University AND (fyi), a former executive member of one of the most ‘outstanding’ Christian bodies (Churches?) in the University. So, she could not have been wicked but confused. That’s a ‘maybe’.


Things (shit) happen, got out of hand and she probably needed to save her face and that of her Church. In that light, what she did could be excused. At least, some really very very big seniors in the past also tried to cover up some truths (for instance, that the world was spherical, that it was not rotating blah blah blah). Even now, to save the face of the Church, several truths are still being covered up (for later, please).


lAkUnLeScReWs thinks that the lady was confused but was sure that the world would condemn her if found out that she was pregnant out of wedlock. She took the decision probably because of what people would say.


Why is the world so callous to impose restrictions and expectations on people? If we knew that our expectations usually pushed people to do unimaginable things (even suicide), maybe we’ll back down a little.

Why do we also care more about what the world will say about what we do and so lead a wrong life because of people?

Funny enough, ‘because of people’ who themselves are not saints and not even sure whether they live rightly or not.

Why is it that in all the reports strewn on the Internet, there’s no one that presents the words of Oyin herself? That’s pathetic.


Back to Oyin. The cleaner rushed to the Health Centre of the University to report the incident and the latter dispatched an ambulance to fetch “Mother&Child” for proper management at the hospital.


And then for the record, this cleaner is quintessential of the Nigerian woman who would rather die than see a baby die, even if the baby was not hers. Such is the type that Nigerians home and abroad should celebrate and plead with the world (the Government and the private sector) to celebrate and not some celebrated morons.

4 thoughts on “Abortion@OAU: ‘Stubborn’ baby refused to be flushed down a female hostel toilet”

  1. Am speechless. Thought it happens only in movies. D demands of confirmity to d society places pressure on people.That lady needs counselling and lots of love. She should not be victimised. Her family should support her. We all should give a helping hand.

    1. We all should, Uzoma. The society determines our life pattern while not been perfect itself. Sad.

  2. Lakunle! haba be fair to the lady now, she had preterm labour which she didnt recognise and felt a urge to defaecate not knowing the baby was coming. She called a friend for help and they jointly called the cleaner to serve as emergency ‘midwife’. Be charitable to the young lady, if she didnt want the baby, there are other ways of doing that and as such would not have chosen moremi toilet of all places to get rid of the baby.

  3. Hmmm…woaw! I am just speechless…I’m not sure the reason behind her acts, washing the baby in the bucket or trying to flush the baby, God alone knows but whatever reasons for her using the washroom…….Thank God for the cleaner anyways, You have said it right, she should be celebrated and not some celebrated morons….folake

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