fayoseeeThe efficacy of prayer is indubitable; from sects, religions, creeds. I once heard a particular atheist say to me after a show of kindness “God bless you”, that was a form of prayer. In one way or the other we say words of prayers in impressionable ways that we as individuals do not even recognize. In fact, we are admonished to pray all manners of prayers. Also, there is what is known as importunity in prayer.

“All my enemies fall down and die” is a common prayer request in the land lately. As I got the reassurance that all my household enemies have fallen down and died, I am faced with a greater challenge to overcome my immediate political and social menaces, principal of which are these ‘rulers of darkness in high places’. I am sure we are getting wiser now, that the almighty God will never come down to topple or change any government, but He will pour His fathomless grace on human beings and make them realize that they need a change. Let me reiterate here, God has given us all indications in Nigeria that we need and deserve a change.

Please get one thing right. It is not about this government but about governance and the love for fatherland. In as much as I have decided not to write about the ‘passionate irresponsibility’ of this government anymore, because it seems the more we talk about their continued lack of humanness the lower their level of debasement plunges, but I am always moved by the fact that a generation will come and ask what my generation did in the face of all these political and social ineptitudes that are fast ravaging our dear country. Al-Desire’s will ask.fayoo

I was engaged in a discussion a few days ago when someone argued that #EkitiDecides was rigged. I tactically proved to him that the election was free but not fair.

Free in the sense that voters went out to express their will without intimidation or harassment from any quarters but not fair in the sense that prior to the day of the election there was no level playing field for all of the players involved. We know that every sense of the democratic process has been totally stripped off. How can there be a sense of fairness when from the federal level, the opposition which is the ruling party in the state, has been totally gagged through all the federal apparatuses and agencies in the state?

But the crux of it all is that, had there not been heavy GEJ presence in the election, the people would still have voted Fayose because that was their will, for whatever reason best known to the ‘intellectual’ Ekiti people.

I did not vote in the last Presidential election because out of sentiment, I was one of those that gave it to GEJ, looking at the resounding support others also gave him I concluded there was no need for me to go through the “usual” strain of voting on a typical election day in Nigeria. Few years down the line I am as wrong as many of us are disappointed. Unless you are a sloth that is benefitting from this quagmire, you will score this government 0.01% in performance assessment. But everyone will gladly dole out a good ration of percentage when checking for corruption indexes; this government weighs high in that regard. Woeful!

Just like anyone that prays to God for advancement must be ready to move his/her feet, or any sane man that prays for employment must be ready to seek vacancy advertisement, apply for the job, then be ready to attend interviews, and perform excellently well in order to gain employment, so also are we in this situation. Having realized that we need a change, then we are to effect that change on our own by rationally exercising our franchise.

My brothers and sisters, everything around here is all about politics. Ordinarily, it ought not to be but that is how it has come to be. Our schools, hospitals, even our food are directly and indirectly linked to different policies these guys choose to make or not to make. These liars will promise to tackle every issue in their talk with out-of-this-world solutions to ageless, deeply entrenched problems. Promises they will never keep. They even promise, within two weeks of their assumption of resumption in office, babies to childless women. But they are like someone that looks in the mirror and immediately they turn their back, they forget what they saw few seconds ago.

Whether we are saved or doomed for another long period will come from the salvation we get to bestow on ourselves through our thumbs, by electing rightful people into our political offices. We should not be rice-ful, rather we should rise with ideologies, implementation and sustenance of qualitative programs that will in the long run impact our lives most positively. Mortgaging your future for whatever gratification is not worth it. If anyone means well for you, such will be concerned about your future.

We do not need fasting and praying to effect a change in this society. God helping us, let us vote them scums out come 2015, so that we can have some breath of fresh air in the true sense of it.

The race has begun.


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