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“NIGERIA: WE ‘HATE’ THEE” by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

JosssMy recent trip to Jos (J-town) of Nigeria was an eye-opener. I was hitherto, insignificantly, aware of the magnitude of what I did not know. And at the end of my stay in Jos, en route the humble source of mankind, Ile-Ife, I remembered the words of my loving grandfather, Moses Olaonipekun Akinyode, which he somewhat usually belched out after a protracted meditation, “Nigeria: we ‘hate’ thee”.

Jos is a country other than a city in a state within a country, with her own laws, people and (guess I’m wrong) weather. If anyone is in a hurry (and wouldn’t await my views) to deconstruct that claim, he or she should pay, even if a few days, visit to this lovely city (which I’m certain represents several others within Nigeria). Continue reading “NIGERIA: WE ‘HATE’ THEE” by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi


Fayose-and-FayemiI am one of those that never abused or cursed the people of Ekiti on the choice of the Governor they elected in the last gubernatorial election of the state. In fact, I stopped talking about Ekiti politics the moment the result of the said gubernatorial election was announced; I even congratulated and wished the Governor-elect God’s guidance in his new ‘adventure’. But never for once in my private discussions with my Ekiti friends (I have them handful) did I stop letting them know that though JKF lacks the kind of ‘were-lafi-nsoko-were’ kind of skill to survive our typical Nigerian political terrain, it is a grave mistake on the part of the Ekiti electorate to have elected that lairy young man as their Governor. This is the first time I am coming public Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: EKITI, A GLIMPSE OF MORE KITI KITI TO COME by Adebayo Coker



fayoseeeThe efficacy of prayer is indubitable; from sects, religions, creeds. I once heard a particular atheist say to me after a show of kindness “God bless you”, that was a form of prayer. In one way or the other we say words of prayers in impressionable ways that we as individuals do not even recognize. In fact, we are admonished to pray all manners of prayers. Also, there is what is known as importunity in prayer.

“All my enemies fall down and die” is a common prayer request in the land lately. As I got the reassurance that all my household enemies have fallen down and died, I am faced with a greater challenge to overcome my immediate political and social menaces, principal of which are these ‘rulers of darkness in high places’. I am sure we are getting wiser now, that the almighty God will never come down to topple or change any government, but He will pour His fathomless grace on human beings and make them realize that they need a change. Let me reiterate here, God has given us all indications in Nigeria that we need and deserve a change. Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: OH MY THUMB, SAVE MY LIFE by Adebayo Coker


serviccLet me start this essay by issuing two congratulatory notes.
The first note goes to Mr Ayodele Peter Fayose, the Governor-Elect of Ekiti State. Some of us will have to desist from calling Fayose a conman; otherwise he may sue for libel/slander, especially with the mighty federal might that he enjoys. If Ekiti people see something different from what we outsiders see, we should not suffer greater bereavement than the primary constituents. I wish you more success.
The second note goes to Mr President for his quick recovery that allows him gulp down some champagne at the announcement of the victory of Fayose. Nigerians should appreciate Mr. President; he has been going through a lot lately. Remember he lost his appetite and only sleeps with one eye since April 14, the day those girls were abducted in Chibok. Some will say he is being partisan by not congratulating HRM SLS and the people of Kano on the emergence of the former as the Emir of Kano, well, what I can say is that he has the discretion to choose who to pop champagne with. You know he expressed his happiness that bombings and abductions are not happening in PDP-led states? Continue reading #PAUSIBILITY: BEASTSIE BILLIONAIRE by Adebayo Coker