images (1)I must quickly let you know that I have not had a good sleep for several days now, so if I don’t deliver as expected in this particular column, I hope you will understand  and still give me kudos for a job well done.

The foregoing typifies the mentality of the political leadership in this clime of ours and the saying, To whom much is given much is expected, is only operational as an idiomaticness that it is.

Tactical Maneuvering is the new one that we woke up to on Monday, when about 500 of our soldiers suddenly lost their geography sense and erroneously found themselves in the interior of Cameroon. The Defence Headquarters  had informed us that  the troops had gone for a regrouping. Yeparipa!

No doubt, our soldiers need to be supported. Remember, “When there was a terrorist attack in the USA, the Americans supported their government. When there was a bomb blast in the UK, the people of Great Britain supported their government.  Nigeria let us support our President and our armed force… this message is from…”

Seriously, why shouldn’t Nigerians support this government?  Everyman is his own CnC. The one that we thought we had had told us that he should not be referred to as one, and if he has said he would like to shed that part of the composite title of the office he occupies, invariably he is telling us that he cannot live up to that responsibility; much as it is expected of him. We don’t have a CnC, therefore we must support this government.

The media has not been proactive and helpful in this fight against insurgence. The media should not have given the insurgents any form of publicity whatsoever. They are being given unnecessary coverage and if you must know (I am talking from international perspective in managing a crisis like this), the media should have ignored them. They should not have reported any bombing at all. When countless corpses littered the streets of Gworza, or over 500 people, both men and women, were abducted, the media should not have reported such. The media should have folded their tripods, pocketed their cameras and walked away to TAN conventions to report the good work this government is doing. What we are experiencing here is our own share of global unrest and I assure you, we are on top of the game. The President is working day and night as he has not had a meal or sleep since the beginning of all these crises; that is why he is seeking a reelection in order to fight this Boko Haram insurrection to the barest minimum, if not to an end.  It is unfortunate that it is not possible, but if the constitution allows it, I will urge Nigerians to support Mr President beyond 2019. He is a good man that loves Nigerians like no Nigerian leader ever did, living or dead. You can see that he is the only President that has put women in sensitive positions in government.  He deserves our support.

Who amongst these two could have uttered the foregoing statement?  (A) Labaran Maku, (b) Doyin Okupe, (c) Both.  Send your answer to www.thisuselessgovernment.com and you will be amongst the first set of youths to be included in the #30PercentOrNothing.


BTW: Who started this #30PercentOrNothing campaign? Is it another Nollywood movie? If the script for this movie has not been written yet, I will urge any good Nollywood producer to approach me; I will give him/her a good story.

This is a government that takes the welfare of Nigerians so serious which is why we are making concrete efforts to privatize the power sector, so that Nigerians can enjoy the benefits of democracy. As you must have noticed, power supply has increased so tremendously since the privatization of the sector. The other day, a ‘kabukabu’ man was telling his friend, (they didn’t notice me as I was passing by), that the power supply in his area has improved so much that he wonders if he still lives in Nigeria. Though we notice few black spots here and there but I assure you that we are injecting 600million dollars into the sector for capacity building and enhancement such that there will be an utmost boost of power. Very recently, we approached the IMF for a 2billion dollar 63%-interest- soft- loan payable over a-50 year tenure. Some people wonder how we are going to achieve this but I tell you, our economy is a strong one as we are the new economic hub  and one of the best emerging markets in the world. This is why we have many Chinese and Koreans (for FDI-drive) in the country, helping us to explore those parts of our economies that we have not utilized or under-utilizing. We need to maximize our potentials in the comity of nations in order to remain foremost like never before.  Statistically, a recent report from Fitch shows that our economy is growing contrary to reports by economy saboteurs that we are running on deficit. Though, funds are not flowing the way they used to flow but I assure you that we are on top of the matter. Ask Aliko, he will be able to explain better to you as he just bought another private jet two weeks ago; when Nigerians displayed their private jets on the tarmac the other day we went for the summit in the USA, they knew  that Nigerians are rich people. Let us be grateful to this government and ensure that you return Mr President Come 2015. He is not an encomiast but I assure you he is working. Nigerians should be grateful to God for giving them a President like GEJ. He is the only one that can give you light in your homes.

There is just one person that can utter the foregoing statement. Choose the right answer and win a scholarship to study in Russia. (a) NOI. (b) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. (c) Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.(d)  GEJ (e)All of the above. Send your answer to http://www.thisuselessgovernment.com

There is what is called citizen participation as exemplified by the Civilian JTF. Those are brave guys. And don’t let us forget that a foremost American President of old said and I quote: “don’t look at what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. So I ask, what are you doing to move this country forward in your own little way? Mr President cannot be everywhere. He is a human being just like you and I. He fasts and prays for this country more than anyone can imagine, as you can see that he religiously partook in the last Ramadan fasting. He gathers Christian clerics every Sunday, led by CAN President, to pray. He has just communed with the Presidents of Togo, Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic to help Nigeria in this fight against terrorism by closing their borders so that the insurgents will not find any escape route. He is also preparing to address the General Assembly of the UN and seek support from the international community to impose stricter sanctions against Boko Haram and declare same as an international terrorist group. In strict sense, the President condemned the daily onslaught by Boko Haram on Nigerians. And it is not as if the military are not doing anything, as they have approached the President for rearmament and the President in turn has approached the National Assembly to ratify a 1billion dollar loan so that we can get adequate fortification against our common enemy. Let us join hands with the Presidency to fight this common enemy and support the President by returning him come 2015. He is the only one that can do it not anyone from those faulty conglomerations of disgruntled politicians that are in the opposition. They are the saboteurs of this government and we will expose them at the right time.

If you know the answer to the likely sayer of the last statement.  Send your answer to www.thisuselessgovernment.com and be a part of #30PercentOrNothing  in the next government.

Here, to whom much is given, excuses for little or no productivity should be expected.







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