crucifixDear compatriots, let me wish you a Happy Independence Anniversary all the same, even though I have never had a more watery Independence Anniversary celebration in my existence as a Nigerian. I would not want to be disinterested in this nation and her politics, as I have come to find out that that is exactly the goal of these political louts that call themselves Nigerian politicians. They are perpetuating a psychological disenfranchisement where the enlightened ones amongst us will develop apathy to politics due to the mishandling of the nation and eventually leave the country, so that the politicians will have a leeway to act indiscriminately without any check. But I have promised myself not to dance to their evil drumbeats, and I urge you to join me by registering, participating, and voting right in the next elections, not forgetting to protect your votes.

Kindly enjoy the following excerpt from A Feminist and Her Son , Societal Fragments.

The officiating Reverend was the antithesis of some sorts. He had preached that,

“A man will leave his father and mother, and cleave unto his wife and they both will be one flesh.”

That was the popular ‘Genesis Chapter Two, verse Twenty Four’ sermon for a normal wedding ceremony. But his records show that he is currently facing a divorce proceedings from his third marriage.

He is a good friend of the President. He denied any political interest, even though the blindest of the blind knew otherwise. Some even referred to him as the spiritual lord of the President. His wife had caught him pants down many times with other women, married and single, in the name of deliverance, prayer, and counseling; hence, his lack of success at marriage. His current spouse was seeking a divorce as fast as possible.

“I wonder how some women can be so daft” this critic continued, “How can someone tell you to go nude in order to be delivered from spiritual attack!”

The ludicrous notion of that thought was: How can one explain the role of a man of God who is at the center of a free-for-all fight by some women who are laying proprietary claim to his love?

“He is mine!” one of his women had shouted.

“I brought you to this church for deliverance and now you are sleeping with him!” Another of his worshippers had bellowed.

None of these women is his wife. Then what should the wife do if they own his love? Yes, she was doing exactly that; seeking divorce.

Even so, many people trooped to his church for his self-acclaimed vast knowledge of the Bible and his grandiloquence in teaching the word of God. He was a powerful dresser, always dangling a necklace of outlandish amounts of gold karats made into a crucifix reaching his torso. That adornment might have sat well with a rappa’ too. Lately, some youth called him, Jigga.

A crucifix around his and many other necks had become objects of mere adornment, not remotely an insignia of piety anymore.

Anyway, the couple was admonished to be steadfast in love, and true to one another just as Adam and Eve, who were naked in the Garden of Eden and were not ashamed of one another. This was a message coming from a Reverend who also was the head of the cult of the Knights. An oxymoron perhaps?!

Poverty is such a menace but shameless display of appurtenances, especially ill-gotten wealth by public office holders and ‘spiritual leaders,’ should be discouraged.


I learnt about Beowulf in a robust Literature class from a colossus in Arts Lecture Theatre in OAU. The last time I saw him was on television where he spoke as a Director for one of the institutes for Black Heritage and Studies. The last thing I heard about him was that he has passed.

May the soul of Prof. Wole Ogundele find peace in his ethereal journey.

Adebayo Coker is the author of Societal Fragments and A Man Like Me: Noteography Of A Father To His Son (both are available on www.amazon.com, http://www.smashwords.com OR order directly by calling 09096991619). He blogs via www.pausibility.wordpress.com and tweets @adebay_c

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