#PAUSIBILITY: Your Daily Bomb-o-scope, Don’t Go Out Without It by Adebayo Coker

shekauThe life of a Nigerian is not worth more than a pawn on a chess board; that is to say, nothing is too big for the Nigerian politician to sacrifice: as long as it is not his/her ambition, he/she is okay by it. Nigeria is going down, locally and internationally. There is no denying it. We need help.

The blood-esurient Shekau showed up in a movie again last weekend, even after he was touted to have been killed many times during different military bombardments and raids of his hideouts; the Nigerian government has made this guy ‘a cat with nine lives’ exemplar. True to what he was quoted to have said in the video on Yahoo News, my heart grieved. My heart grieved because on two different occasions have I woken up from a nightmare that my beloved Nigeria is being overtaken by terrorists. The thought of being ruled by some sickened individuals makes me sick.

Just as I have stated in #Pausibility: An Armistice with an Eye Cyst? We all can see that the truce announcement is another fraud by the leadership of this nation. Every day we wake up to the news of bombings just as I had described in #Pausibility: This Holocaust and The Rest of Us, yet we still find it difficult to somehow stem this madness from Boko Haram and stop the fraud being played on all of us by our ‘leaders’.

The situation we have come to find ourselves in is becoming more and more agonizing to the soul or how else can one describe a situation where one’s child is missing and news broke out that a little child just got drowned?  So is the case of our abducted girls and the recent spate of bombings being carried out by female bombers; mostly girls in their teens. But today, salacious Doy is pointing to Atiku.

I am trying as far as my patience can take me to ignore these set of irresponsible, tactless cum useless politicians since they do not have the smidge idea of what public policy and good governance are all about. But my patience thinned out when I read that the Nigerian Army is reviewing the video made by Shekau to dissociate himself from the lies we were fed with, of a truce agreement between the raving mad terrorist group and the Federal Government. I got miffed the more when I saw that they had forgotten to add the videos of Prison Break and some 007 Series. Video re-view my foot!

Cameroon got her Vice PM’s wife rescued from her abductors  (though with resultant few casualties and fatalities as expected but her pride as a nation was not tampered with) and a very strong signal was sent to the insurgents that theirs is a territory that cannot be infested or held to ransom by any swine under whatever guise. I did not read anywhere that they had to buy a new gun before they rescued their citizen(s). Here, we need a billion dollars to venture Sambisa in spite of which our ‘boys’ always employ  tactical maneuverings that will make them disappear from our shore and find themselves resurfacing on the other end. Daah!

The military is filled with soldiers that have sworn to fight and defend our territorial integrity from external (any) aggression. BH brainwashed its recruits to believing they stand greater rewards in heaven. Let the federal government motivate the Nigerian soldiers to make them want to die for their nation. But how can such a motivation come from these political dregs? Our ‘intelligent’ CDS came out to ‘intelligently’ announce a ceasefire and commandeered his boys to stand down (even in the face of the continual massacring of his citizens). Ordinarily, one would not have doubted such a move because it’ll be believed to be a well thought-out plan to have come from a seemingly head of military ‘intelligence‘; but don’t you think a shameful ‘intelligent’ head should have gracefully resigned without being asked when it became obvious that the ‘intelligence’ he is ‘intelligently’ sitting on is, in fact, ‘intelligently’ porous.

It is imperative for any individual that wants to get the best of his/her day to know the weather forecast; the traffic situation; in addition, it has also become necessary to know the bombing schedule of the day which could be obtained from the headquarters of Boko Haram. Please do not ask me where their headquarters is, as it is only the CDS that knows where those girls are being kept but would not tell anyone of us.

Apes Obey!

Rt. Honourable Aminu Tambuwal, The Speaker of the House of Representatives of Nigeria remains the Speaker until he is lawfully removed or impeached. At times the sanest thing to do to remedy an insane situation is to go insane. I want to see how this drama of insanity will end. The real interpretation of the constitution on defection/cross carpeting in Nigeria’s political system by the Law Court will put paid to this. What the IG did in this regard (as far as my intelligence could take me) is unconstitutional. Though I know he is dancing to the konga from above but he ought not to have become a puppet too soon. Conscience and concession, we lack the former a great deal around this clime, the latter rules. Is the on-going strike in the Senate by the PDP senators in the interest of the public? When we see clothes being torn or chairs thrown at one another in the National Assembly in the interest of the public, then I will know that they are fighting for our course. May be I am a dreamer of Constitutionalism in this land of ours? Let the general public know that taking sides in any camp means you are just another pawn. Stand for justice!

AU on Burkina Faso

Was AU out of town when Campaore sat on ‘Burkina babes’ for twenty-seven years? Which constitution ever guaranteed such a long term? In a way, the threat to the people of Burkina Faso is an indication that any of those visitors would stay put in power like Campaore if their people are docile.

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