PAUSIBILITY: A Cretinous Shift by Adebayo Coker

For the first time since the inception of our new democratic dispensation, a vast majority of Nigerians speak with one voice; old, young, professionals, artisans, educated and enlightened. People speak of their readiness to participate in this election but the maddening quest of a single man and his cretinous associates to hold on to power at all cost, pushed them to make a dive of a lifetime which I foresee will earn them broken skulls. In a high profile wrist-twisting show of power, the lazy service chiefs, acting under the directives of their Grand Commander, forced our democracy to come to a strategic halt by their singular act to stand against the wish of the people to go to the polls and effect the change they so yearn for and deserve; but just like I said last week, this is a change that will come to be, it is the Movement of The People (MOP).

“My ambition and the ambition of any politician is not worth the life of any Nigerian”, this CnC will succinctly say at the slightest chance, but his murderous desperation to hold on to power at any cost and his subtle support for his brothers who boast of their warehouses that are loaded with  sophisticated arms that are far better than those of the Nigerian military, with their bent intention on launching attacks on the nation should their kinsman lose this election, have betrayed the real sense in his statement. A ruthless monster similar to Shekau. A wolf in sheepskin. A bloody liar!

I do not really blame INEC in all of this, as it was obvious that Jega really did his best; even while he was reading the script given him by Dasuki, he did it with heaviness on his shoulders. He made it clear that the commission he heads was very ready to conduct the elections but he needs the cooperation of other agencies to have a successful one.  If it was a country that functions well, the service chiefs ought to be cooling in the gulags by now, and if it was a country that was so sensitive to issues, the CnC would have been made to resign honourably or the people will march on him: but this is Nigeria. Very peculiar.

Now we have to wait some weeks before we can exercise our rights and that is only attributable to the whims and caprices of these clueless but no doubt ruthless individuals who have held us at the jugular. My pastor has preached that “many are the devices in man’s heart, nevertheless, the counsel of the Lord shall stand”. My wife has reminded me that my son is just few months old. My father has called to remind me he is an old man. My friends from abroad have told me to be careful what I put in the social media because the government may be watching. My… but despite all of these, unless we want to lie to ourselves, the six weeks is a ruse and that is what some of us should call to question.

Apart from perfecting the rigging machine of the PDP, causing more commotion in the political terrain by allowing the demented  FFK and Salacious Doy to run amok the more, bribing corrupt judicial officers to disqualify opponents… I say it again, these six weeks is a ruse.

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