ITE: My 1st Telegram to You by ‘Lakunle Jaiyesimi

ITEDear Son,

It’s been about 45 days

YOU&I have been gapped

by the South Atlantic Ocean

You know what that is?

Bet not! But you sure see it in your glass of water.

It’s your day again and

I’m sorry for my absence.

The wind blew me to the edge

And I swam across the Atlantic.


One thing I know…

a MAN…You were one…

but now, you’re all grown

parting the air beside the wind

stressing the rib in the mid of leaves

cascading words over sounds

kneading sounds out of notes…

even notes played by birds.


You’re not just a boy. You are a MAN

Pitting knowing smiles

against ignorant frowns

and dudely jerks at imbecile jokes

You’d do multiple press-ups

without a push.


No; You’re no more a boy but a MAN

But for prevailing mediocre leanings

You’d step out of your frame

And land Turaki a big slap

Not for knowing by reading

to part injustice from justice

but you’re very aware that

a ware wrongly placed

is expected to be broken;

a floor left untidy is to be wee-weed on

Driving? Your specialty when you go too rough.

Crying? Never, unless they try to prevent

you doing what you consider right

“Resolute, immovable and unremoved…”

Godfather Labinnah is right

in describing ITEOLUWAKIISI.


You’re not the boy many see,

You’re a MAN even I cannot see the end of.


Grow with…






“MyDADDY” loves you.

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